Chara Dasha- Part 1 (Basics & Calculations)

Chara Dasha- Part 1

Basics & Calculations


Yuvraj Ajay Singh

With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi & Navgraha, I dedicate this article at the holy feet of Sage Jaimini, the founder of Jaimini astrology. May he accept and bless this article.

The scribe also would like to dedicate this article to the team of Saptarishis Astrology, who have taken the pain and invested their precious time & effort to create this wonderful forum filled with wealth of knowledge. I would also like to dedicate this article to Shri. K.N. Rao, for enlightening us with his research on Jaimini System & Chara and other Jaimini Dasha’s. Without him we wouldn’t have learned the ropes of Chara Dasha. I would like to show my gratitude, in all humbleness, towards him. I hope I am able to do justice to the techniques he has shared with us.

Having attended the recent Workshop on Chara Dasha, blessed by Shri. K.N. Rao and organized by Saptarishi’s Astrology, I feel inspired to present this article, which is the first of the series of article on Chara Dasha, aiming to show the Basics & Calculation of Chara Dasha. Also, would like to thank Shri. Deepak Bisaria, for showing us the finer points of predictions and answering our queries patiently during the Chara Dasha Workshop.

The article assumes that the reader have the knowledge of basics of Parashari System of Astrology.

In Parashari system of astrology, we use Sthira Karaka. Sthira means Fixed i.e. the Karaka (Significator of a particular thing) is fixed in Parashari system. In Jaimini system of astrology, we use Chara Karaka’s where Chara means Movable i.e. the Karaka can vary from chart to chart. But the important point to remember is that the Sthira Karaka’s can also be used effectively in Jaimini System.

First, let’s understand the Chara Karaka’s identification and usage in a horoscope.

7 Planets compete for becoming different Chara Karaka excluding Rahu & Ketu:

  1. Atma Karaka (AK): The planet which attains the highest degree of longitude becomes the Atma Karaka of the horoscope. Here “Atma” means Soul and is the most important feature in a person’s life. What we are living here on earth is nothing but the Journey of Soul which is depicted in a horoscope by AK.Atma Karaka is related to the 1st / Lagan of the horoscope. AK represents all the significations of the ascendant like Body, Physique, Appearance, Complexion, Intellect, Character, General Health Longevity, Fame, and Strength & Weakness etc.
  2. Amatya Karaka (AmK): The planet which attains the Second highest degree of longitude becomes the Amatya Karaka. “Amatya” means Minister i.e. a person at high post. By looking at AmK we can judge the significations of 2nd House of the horoscope i.e. Financial Status, Primary Education, Livelihood/Profession, Speech, Family, Food Habits, Face, Eyes ( Right eye in particular), Clothes & Ornaments etc. We can also judge about the significations of the 5th house i.e. Learning, Progeny, Knowledge, Seat of Power, Falling from Position, Sacred Spells, Speculation, Creativity, Entertainment etc. Significations of 9th House also under purview of AmK i.e. Higher Education, Fortune, Dharma etc. and also the 10th House significations which are Career, Honour, Rise in profession, Royalty and Pilgrimage etc.
  3. Bhratri Karaka (BK):  The planet which attains the Third highest degree of longitude qualifies for the post of Bhratri Karaka. “Bhratri” means Brothers and BK can be used to judge the significations for 3rd house i.e. Younger Siblings, neighbors, short-journeys, courage, hobbies, ability and death of parents etc. We can also judge the significations of 9th house i.e. Father, Guru, Long-Journeys, Religion, and Higher Education etc., and the 11th House of horoscope i.e. Fulfilment of Desire, Elder brother & sisters, Gains, Friends, Expectations etc.
  4. Matri Karaka (MK): The planet which attains the Fourth highest degree of longitude qualifies for the post of Matri Karaka. “Matri” means Mother. We can extend MK for the significations of the 4th house like Mother, Property, Vehicles, Happiness, Education, Relatives, Land & Agriculture and Throne etc.
  5. Putra Karaka (PK): The planet which attains the Fifth Highest degree of longitude becomes the Putra Karaka. “Putra” means Son. We can judge the significations of the 5th House from PK i.e. Children, Wisdom, Romance, Sacred Spells, Intellect, Speculation & Lottery, Mantra, Pregnancy, Creativity etc. We also extend PK for the significations of 9th House, as it is 5th from 5th.
  6. Gnati Karaka (GK): The planet which comes sixth in descending order from AK becomes the Gnati Karaka. “Gnati” means Relations. It represents 6th house and its significations in a horoscope i.e. Enemies, Maternal-Relatives, Diseases, Debts, Disagreements, Competitions, Legal Proceedings, Servitude etc. Similarly, we can also examine the significations of 8th & 12th house from GK.
  7. Dara Karaka (DK): The seventh and the last in order becomes the Dara Karaka. “Dara” means Wife. All the significations of the 7th House comes under the purview of DK like Spouse, Business-Partner, Trade, Foreign Travel, Pad-Prapti, Enemies in open and Public Image etc.

Aspects in Jaimini System

 In Jaimini system, we use the aspects of sign instead of planets, which is used in Parashari System.

  1. All Movable Rashi’s aspects the Fixed Rashi’s except the adjacent one.
  2. All Fixed Rashi’s aspects the Movable Rashi’s except the adjacent one.
  3. All Dual Rashi’s aspects the other Dual Rashi’s


Rashi Aspected


Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius


Cancer, Libra and Capricorn


Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces


Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus


Libra, Capricorn and Aries


Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini


Aquarius, Taurus and Leo


Capricorn, Aries and Cancer


Pisces, Gemini and Virgo


Taurus, Leo and Scorpio


Aries, Cancer and Libra


Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius


 Alternative Lagna’s Used in Chara Dasha

Karakamsha: In the Birth chart, the rashi occupied by AK in Navamsha becomes the    Karakamsha Lagan which is really important for judging the chart and the predictions. All  the events should also be verified by using the Karakamsha as Lagan.

Arudha Lagan: Arudha means Maya (Illusion). It is also known as Pad Lagan. So Arudha Lagan means Maya associated with the Lagan i.e. self. In other words, through Arudha Lagan, we can judge how others view us or think about us. We calculate Arudha Lagan in the following way:

  1. See how far from the lagan, the lagan lord has gone, counting the number of houses between the lagan and the lagan lord.
  2. From Lagan lord count as many houses and you reach the Arudha lagan.

Eg: Suppose, for Aries Lagan, the lagan lord Mars sits in Virgo (the sixth house). Now count six houses from Mars i.e. Aquarius which becomes the Arudha Lagan.

We can and should do it for each and every house and mark the pada’s of all the houses on the chart which will help us in predictions. Some authorities ask us to use exceptions rules for judging the pada of houses by let us go by the teachings of Shri K.N. Rao by not using any exception and calculate the pada’s of each house that way we calculated for lagan.

Let’s understand how Arudha works. Suppose, we see a guy with a flashy Mercedes Car and feel how lucky that guy is. What if that Guy doesn’t feel the same and want even bigger car. Now the probability is that in the chart of that guy, the Arudha of 4th house may contain a benefic or number of benefics like Venus and/or Jupiter which is giving us the illusion of the guy being so lucky and must be very happy with his big expensive car but the 4th house deposits some malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu etc. which don’t allow that guy to be satisfied with what he has and want even bigger car. That’s how Arudha works.

Upapada Lagan: It’s the Arudha/Pada of 12th House. It’s very important for judgment of marriage.

Yoga’s in Jaimini System

We don’t follow the regular Yoga’s of Parashari system in Jaimini. It has its own set of Raj Yoga’s which are any number of combinations, through conjunctions and rashi aspects, between AK, AmK, PK, DK and 5th Lord.

Some special yoga’s are as follows:

  1. Moon and Venus conjunct or aspecting each other.
  2. Moon aspected by many planets.

We also have to see all the Raj Yoga’s in Navamsha. See if they decreasing in number or increasing. The effect will be accordingly. Also, see if the karaka’s have aspects from benefics or afflicted, both in Rashi chart and Navamsha and judge judiciously.

Chara Dasha Order & Calculations

Chara Dasha is the dasha of Rashi’s and not planets, as in Vimshottari Dasha of Parashari System.

Order of Dasha:  Here the order of dasha is either direct (anti-clockwise) or indirect (clockwise).

Direct Order: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces.

Indirect Order: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and  Capricorn.

Eg: For Aries Lagan the dasha order will be:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

For Taurus Lagan the dasha order will be:

Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini.

The same rule applies to sub-periods but the main Dasha Rashi’s sub-period comes last in order.

Eg: For Aries Lagan (Direct), the order of sub-periods for Aries Dasha:

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and then Aries in the last.

For Taurus Lagan (In-direct), the order of sub-periods for Taurus Dasha:

Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini and in the last Taurus.

Calculation of Duration of Dasha

Count the number of houses from the Dasha Rashi to the rashi lord. Deduct 1 from the total. You get the concerned Rashi Dasha duration.

Direct Order Rashi’s: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Indirect Order Rashi’s: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Eg: Let’s assume:

For Aries Dasha (Direct), the Aries lord Mars is placed in 5th house from Aries. We get 5, deduct 1 from it and you get the total duration of Aries Dasha i.e. 4 years.

For Cancer Dasha (In-direct), the Lord of Cancer-Moon is placed in 10th house from Cancer. We get 10, deduct 1 from it and you get the total duration of Cancer Dasha i.e. 9 years.


  1. If the Lord of a rashi is placed in the same rashi, we give the dasha 12 years without any deductions.
  2. For Scorpio Dasha, special rules should be observed as it has the dual lordship of Mars & Ketu.
    1. If anyone, Mars or Ketu, is placed in Scorpio itself, then we should use the other to calculate the number of years for the dasha and ignore the one placed in Scorpio. Standard rules of deductions still apply.
    2. If both are placed in Scorpio, give full 12 years without any deductions.
    3. If both of them are placed in rashi other than Scorpio. Use the stronger of the two to calculate the duration of Dasha period.

3. For Aquarius Dasha same set of rules, as for Scorpio, applies because of the dual ownership of Saturn and Rahu.

Calculation of Duration of Sub-Periods

  1.        Each sub-period, in months, is equal to the number of years of Dasha.
  2.       Similarly, each sub-sub-period, in days, is directly proportional to the number of months for Sub-Period.

Let’s understand the same with the following table.

Major Period (Years)

Sub-Periods(In Months)

Sub-Sub Periods(In Days – Hours)



30 days



27 days 12 hours



25 days



22 days 12 hours



20 days



17 days 12 hours



15 days



12 days 12 hours



10 days



7 days 12 hours



5 days



2 days 12 hours

Note: Table taken from Shri K.N Rao’s Book on Chara Dasha.

Let’s take an example chart to illustrate all the concepts we have learned above:

Example Chart

Chara Karaka’s (Descending Order of Degree)

AK: Saturn                 BK: Mars                     PK: Sun           DK: Moon

AmK: Jupiter              MK: Mercury             GK: Venus

Karakamsha Lagan (Rashi Occupied by AK in Navamsha):

AK Saturn is placed in Pisces in Navamsha. So Pisces of Birth Chart becomes the Karakamsha Lagan.

Yoga’s Applicable in the Birth Chart

Taking the Rashi Aspects, only 2 are applicable.

  1. AK-Sat & AmK Jup
  2. DK-Moon & AmK Jup

Arudha/Pada of Houses


Placement of the Lord


Lagan(Arudha Lagan)

9 houses(Aquarius)

9th from Aquarius i.e. 5th House(Libra)


Own House(Cancer)

Own House i.e. 2nd House(Cancer)


8 Houses(Pisces)

8th from Pisces i.e. 5th House(Libra)


6 Houses(Aquarius)

6th from Aquarius i.e.2nd House(Cancer)


6 Houses(Pisces)

6th from Pisces i.e. 3rd house(Leo)


5 Houses(Pisces)

5th from Pisces i.e. 2nd House(Cancer)


6 Houses(Taurus)

6th from Taurus i.e. 5th House(Libra)


10 Houses(Libra)

10th from Libra i.e. 2nd House(Cancer)


9 Houses(Libra)

9th from Libra i.e. Lagan(Gemini)


3 houses(Taurus)

3rd from Taurus i.e. 2nd House(Cancer)


12 houses(Pisces)

12th from Pisces i.e. 9th House(Aquarius)

12th (Upapada Lagan)

11 houses(Pisces)

11th from Pisces i.e. 8th House(Capricorn)


Dasha Calculations

As the Lagan is Gemini, we will have to follow Indirect Order of Dasha.

Dasha Rashi

Lords Placement from Own House

Years Counted


Dasha Duration

Dasha Years









































































In a similar way, we can calculate the sub-periods and their duration, which brings us to the end of Part 1. The next part will show us how to use Jaimini System and Chara Dasha for predictive purposes.


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  4. hello ,want to knw abt Narayan dasha small query

    • Poonam Ji, Narayana Dasha is a different dasha altogether.I happen to use it on and off as not much research has been done on this except by Sanjay Rath ji, atleast I have just seen his work. I will be unable to explain it here but four main points followed in this are:

      ( Dasa always starts from either Lagan or seventh house, which ever is stronger.)
      Deha Rasi: The current dasa rasi. (Deha is body.)
      Jeeva Rasi: Count the number of rasi from the starting dasa sign till the current dasa rasi. Now count the same number of rasi’s from the current dasa rasi which becomes your jeeva rasi. (Jeeva is soul)
      Pakka Rasi: Where current rasi dasha lord sits.
      Bhoga Rasi: Arudha of current dasha rasi from Lagan.

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    • Hi…Thanks for appreciating.

      Well, u can use Karakamsha Lagana just like your birth chart. See, we should always try to understand the logic rather than cramming the technique.
      How we reach the Karakamsha Lagana ? Through Aatma Karaka(AK) which is significator of 1st house/Lagana?self.

  7. Excellent explanation on basics of Jaimini’s principles.

    • Dear Yuvaraj Singh Ji,Regarding Pitri what you said is correct indicating our forefathers.But in a chart,who is controlling ? is it not Lagna Lord ?? In the times of Rishis,father is the leader of the house and his Dharma Patni follows him along with other members of the family.Similarly we can consider in a chart,Lagna Lord is the leader of the chart and who follows the Lagna Lord can be taken as Patni or wife.Suppose if Lagna Lord is Shani and is placed in Kanya Rashi,12th from him is the pointer to be checked.But as Kanya Rashi is an even sign, we can take Tula Rashi as the sign indicating wife.So find out Tula Rashi Lord Shukra’s placement in the chart and so many signs forward it from Shukra gives Upa Pada.This is my opinion, you can check this by applying to various charts.

      • Dear Rao Sir,

        Thank a lot for enlightening me. It is an excellent food for thought and am really excited to check how it is working in charts.

        Plz feel free to have a look at other articles and point out any scope of improvement( of course there will be many). Would love to correct myself and learn new insights.

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  9. sir you have just copy pasted K n rao book Hi has also omitted if we should take sub-sub- dasa as per the sub dasa rashi or what. for example : Libra direct sub- scoripo sub- sub should be libra as scorpio is indirect or should it be Libra -Scorpio-Sagittarius .

    • There can be only 1 method for calculation which will be same in every book of Chara Dasha. So everybody copied from each other. Should I say, Rao Sir copied from Sage Jaimini. In the beginning I have thanked Rao Sir for showing us the light. Do u find the Vimshotary Dasha calculation different in different books, it always will be same. The article intended to show how to calculate Chara Dasha which I guess it is doing.

  10. How to mark karak when two planets have same degrees upto seconds in a horoscope??

    • If the planets have same degree upto seconds then take the stronger planets of the two. Judging strength has many parameters like planets conjunct planet or exalted, friends rashi. Hope you got the point.

  11. Thank you so much for replying. I got your point but I should put the confusion right away. Two planets, Venus and Saturn have same degrees and one has to be MK and other the PK in a sequence. For Scorpio ascendant, Venus is in 11th house debilitated with enemy sun. Saturn is in 5th house in enemy sign and mutually aspects get each other. As per my understanding of what you said Saturn is much better than Venus and can be marked as MK…….correct me if I m wrong. I badly stuck here.

  12. Yuvraj ji…Your Chara dasha presentation is very good.Keep it up.Thank you for such a nice attempt.Pls explain how to find the sub-sub period in a particular Char dasha.Ofcourse We all are highly indebted to K.N.Rao Sir for his teachings in Chara dasha through his books and articles with out which we would not have peeped into jaimini’s Char dasha.Shri K.N.RAO Sir talks abt sub-sub periods in many articles.I am unable to find a hint abt that even in his books.I think with out that its incomplete as K.N Rao Sir talks abt that repeatedly in his articles.It obviously shows the importance of it.Hope Yuraj ji can throw some light into the matter…

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    1) When calculating the dasha period for scorpio sign, it was mentioned if both Ketu and Mars
    are in different signs the one which is more powerful is used to calculate the dasha period.
    What is meant by more powerful and how does one determine this?
    2) The second question I have in mind is the ascendant sign dasha will have all the years calculated on the
    basis of distance – 1 or is there some degree of reduction similar to vimsotari dasha where the ascendant
    lords dasha duration is fixed but the number of years remaining change on the basis of yrs passed since
    the dasha started?

  16. The diligence of representation that you have managed to bring up in this work suggests that the obeisancesoffered to the Sage Jaimini and the Very Learned K.N.Rao have reached there.

  17. Yuvraj Ji..I do not know anything about Jaimini and chara dasa, I am learning Parasara methodoly, but your article is excellent to understand the mechanics of Jaimini. Can you say why did master Jaimini build this system? was he unsatisfied with the Parasara methodology?With your use of the Jaimini could you come to different or more detailed conclusions of charts? Sorry for so many questions.

    • Dear Henry,

      Appreciate you writing back.

      Even Parashara have mentioned Jaimini concepts in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra(BPHS).
      Depending on the knowledge and experience of the astrologer, he can use Jaimini in isolation or combine both the systems and give wonderful predictions. Actually, they are complimentary. You can verify your findings with the other system as secondary weapon in your arsenal. By adding Jaimini concepts into your reading you can be more precise and accurate. Its like what you are out in war zone, and you have two weapons at ur disposal. Any of them can be used in isolation or in conjunction with each other.

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  24. Dear Yuvaraj Singh,an excellent article.Now my question is Maharshi Jaimini has explained about Arudhas in one chapter but He explained about Upa Pada Lagna in another chapter separately with a different Sutra.Then how you along with other translators of Jaimini Sutras think that the Arudha of 12th house is Upa Pada Lagna ? Because the whole of Jaimini Sutras is coded and their understanding is entirely different.So I request you to look into this matter seriously.

    • Dear Rao Sir, Thanks a lot for reading my humble attempt. I like to keep a low profile and never would like to invite unwarranted controversy. The circumstances in which i have written this article, originally published in Saptarishis Magazine right after Mr KN Rao Chara Dasha Workshop in Mumbai, never allowed me deviate from the guidelines give to me.
      Between you and me, I also beg to differ from the normal meaning associated with Upapada. ” Upapadam padam pitranucarat “….i feel Anucharat here is important and should ideally mean following/attending or maybe companion( not in terms of wife but generally)… Upapadam should ideally mean secondary pada or standing near another to which it is subordinate. Padam ofcourse means Step,Mark,Foot etc. Pitri here is also important and should be Pitra(Ancestors) and hence Karma and sometimes of our lineage. All of these combine people opined it be related to wife/marriage. Also, the word GaunaPadam in subsequent shlokas pushed people to think towards marriage…ideally it should mean secondary, again i.e Upapada should also be know an as Gauna Pada.

      But i feel there has to be more to it than meets the eye. i feel its should be more related to 10th House than 12th House. I maybe wrong. But of course as Astrology is a mystical science, it will always keep its share of mystery surrounding various concepts. But with all ur experience and studies behind u should have the right meaning for it, i believe and would be great if you can share your 2 cents. Plz forgive if i committed some mistake since neither I am a scholar nor claim to be one and i am always open to learn.

      Many Thanks.

    • Forgot to mention, till date when people are still in trouble with 7 Chara Karakas or 8 , how people will try to think about Upapada. Herd mentality is common and deep scholarly researches have vanished in new generations in which I also belong. Students just desire quick techniques which can just help them predict future of course there maybe few exceptions. The work that has been done by Old generation is commendable and i sadly feel that new generation would not be too interested in the scholarly researches since it required patience and hard work. Ego,Politics & Groupism is also a very big problem astrology community. Facebook & spoon feeding has ruined us completely. That’s why i just stay away from all of the above. Sadly, I am also a part of the current generation but always aspire to work like the old one. Maybe someday someway.

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