Astrology Rules For Marriage


Note : These Rules are from my notes collected from different books over a period of time. Combination out of these seems to work in almost all charts. So best way is to check each one of them, if it applies. Most of them should apply for Marriage to Happen. Obviously, Dasha’s should support the event, as in all cases.

      a) Jupiter during transit conjoins or aspects natal Mars or 7th from Natal Mars

b) Saturn should do the same as above.

c) Jupiter during transit cojoins or aspects Navamsa(D9) lagan or Lagan Lord.

d) Saturn should do the same as above.


* When Jupiter, Saturn & Mars are Retrograde in Birth Chart, they are also to be considered in previous sign.

* When Rahu conjuncts Mars, the 4th sign from Mars would be sensitive point for interaction( or next sign from Mars) with Jupiter, Saturn & Rahu

* When Rahu is in opposite sign to Mars, the 4th from there i.e. 10th from Mars, is to be considered as sensitive point.

* When Mars is in Parivartan(Exchange of Signs) with another planet, Mars to be considered to be in own sign as the sensitive point.

* When Mars is Retrograde with Rahu, Mars to be placed in previous sign and the 4th from there is to be considered as sensitive point.

II    a) Saturn( Within 2.5 years) & Jupiter ( Within 1 year) : Should conjunct/aspect Lagan/Lagan Lord and 7th house/Lord

b) Jupiter( Within 1 year) : Should conjunct/aspect    a) Natal Venus and 5th House/Lord   and/or

b) 5th House/Lord and 9th House/Lord

c) Mars ( Within 6 months) : Should do what Saturn & Jupiter did in point “a”  and  also What Jupiter did in point “b”.

d) 7th Lord ( PAC) : Within 40 days establish contact with

a) The 11th Lord

b) 9th Lord

c) Lagan Lord

e) At the time of marriage the lords of 7th, 9th, 5th and Lagan will be mutually connected(PAC) and in most cases these will be around 7th house/lord or Lagan/Lord.


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  1. My dob:16/02/1972:time1:15p.m :place:thiruchiralli(tamilnadu):Lagan:rishab:Rasi :kumbah:naschtira:porabhdhava:my problem is my marriage :still my marriage not happen .my marriage is when happen any posiable if it happen when &where pls tell .my age is now41


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