Note : These Rules are from my notes collected from different books over a period of time. Most of them should apply for a Child Birth to Happen. Obviously, Dasha’s should support the event, as in all cases. Always remember the importance of Desh( Place), Kaal (Time & Circumstances) & Paatra(Background,Circumstances of Native).

Rule 1: Saturn should have aspected the:

a) 5th House/Lord   or

b) 9th House/Lord

Within 9 months of the birth of child.

Rule 2: Same as above with Jupiter.

Rule 3: Same as above with Mars but within 75 days.

Rule 4: Moon should have aspected any of the 4 points above or Moon Rashi of parents but within 72 hours.

* Mars must aspect the 5th house/lord or 9th house/lord of the mother when the 9th month of pregnancy is nearing. Same with father.

* Same with Sun.

* At birth or a day or 2 days before the birth, the Moon of the new born will invariably be either    a) Lagna of Father/Mother     or

b) On the 5th house/lord or 9th House/Lord of mother/father  or

c) Sometimes the Moon- Sign of parents.

* Child Birth takes place in DBA of planets connected with

a) Lagna or Lagna Lord

b) 5th House/Lord

c) 9th House/Lord

* Also check all the above points in Saptamsha(D-7)

* When a women conceives, Mars aspects either her 5th House/Lord. Again, when a women delivers her baby, Mars performs the same functions.

At the time of birth or near the time of birth of a child, Jupiter(Sthira Putra-karka) will conjunct/aspect (Rasi Aspect) the Chara Putra-karaka(PK) in the mother and the fathers chart. We can also confirm the same in D-7 chart.