Saturn Transit Effect

Note : These Rules are from my notes collected from different books over a period . Most of them seems to work. Obviously, Dasha’s should support the event, as in all cases. Always remember the importance of Desh( Place), Kaal (Time & Circumstances) & Paatra(Background,Circumstances of Native). Will keep on adding more.

  1. Whenever Saturn Transit over the Natal Mars, the life takes a prominent turn. Also, when Saturn transits through 4th, 7th and 11th House from Natal Mars, vital changes are experienced.
  2. Whenever Saturn transits over the Ascendant, it brings prominent changes. Partially, when Saturn aspects the Ascendant during its transit.
  3. When transiting Saturn aspects Ascendant and the Moon simultaneously, that brings promotions, elevations, appreciation.
  4. When transit Saturn has an influence over the 10th lord, the transit is quiet promising and rewarding for native, though it will make u do some hard work.
  5. During Rahu MD, if Tr Saturn moves in the 8th sign from Moon Navamsa(D-9) sign. It will create a lot of troubles for subject regarding finances, career and other things. During this period even favorable yoga will not work.
  6. Saturn transit through 7th sign from Moon’s Navamsa(D-9) sign and if Mars AD in Rahu MD is ON, then health and finances may suffer.

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