Month: December 2014

Recommended Books

Many people have requested for the Recommended Astrology Books. Below is the list : Click the book name to read more about book including Preview ( for most of them) and buy ( if you would like to). The Very… Read More ›

Dasha Aarambha(Start) Chart

Here I intend to share my understanding of Dasha Aarambh Concept. Like we have our birth charts , dasha’s also have one and it’s called Dasha Aarambha(Start)(DA) Chart. Can be used to judge any dasha like Vimshottary, Yogini, Chara Dasha… Read More ›

Chara Dasha- Part 2

Chara Dasha- Part 2 Alternative Lagna’s, Arudha System and Raj Yoga Combinations   With Obeisance to Lord Ganapathi and Navgraha Lords, I dedicate this article at the holy feet of Sage Jaimini, the founder of Jaimini astrology. May he accept… Read More ›