Dasha Aarambha(Start) Chart

Here I intend to share my understanding of Dasha Aarambh Concept.

Like we have our birth charts , dasha’s also have one and it’s called Dasha Aarambha(Start)(DA) Chart.

Can be used to judge any dasha like Vimshottary, Yogini, Chara Dasha etc.

( If you use Jhora Software ( free download), right click on dasha and choose “Entry Chart for this Period”(on top of menu)).

Generally, it can be seen as we see a normal chart but with few guidelines.

* We have to remember Transits, Dasha’s and Dasha Aarambha(DA) Chart can only give what Birth Chart promise.

* Moon plays a very significant role in DA chart.

* I know the birth time is seldom accurate which results in inaccurate date of starting of dasha’s. So Moon may change its sign. I also use this to rectify the birth time and found it to be really effective tool.

Moon Placement Results in Different Signs in DA Chart:

1. Cancer( Moon): Monetary Gains, one gets benevolent wife, comforts.

Notes: Moon in own sign should yield good results. The results have been mentioned in classics which need to interpreted keeping in mind today’s time ( Desha, Kala, Paatra). Monetary gains can be easily understood and that can also be vehicle,property,speculative,inheritance etc. One gets benevolent wife can means Marriage for unmarried, comforts from wife for married people.

2. Aries/Scorpio (Mars): Associates( or Violates) a young girl, looses( or kills) wife.

Notes: These type of predictions should given very cautiously. Lets not spoil somebody’s life. The results can mean some young girl connection in any form be it just a good friend, or colleague etc. Looses or kills wife can mean divorce, separation,fights with wife or just simply friendly separation from wife when wife maybe traveling.

3. Gemini/Virgo ( Mercury): Knowledge of scriptures, acquisition of friends.

Notes: These period can give knowledge in any form be it astrology, education, official trainings or hobby courses. Acquisition of friends can be easily understood but can also mean change in office/residence which may give an opportunity to meet new people.

4. Taurus/Libra (Venus): Enough to eat, drink and make merry, loss of enemy.

Notes: Means good time, celebrations in family, holidays,travel.

5. Sagittarius/Pisces ( Jupiter): Physical comforts, increased income, respect and over lordship.

Notes: Good time.

6. Capricorn/Aquarius ( Saturn) : Association with a older( or wicked) women.

Notes: Not necessarily for bad reasons.

7. Leo (Sun): Residence in a fort/jungle/mountain/agriculture/working at home, discord with wife and son, scarcity of sexual pleasures.

Notes: May mean travel or change of place specially involving the above mentioned places. Fights or separation from wife and son which obviously will result in scarcity of sexual pleasure. As before, separation may also happen for good reasons.

* Obviously, aspects of different planets will modify the results slightly.Benefices aspect will be good and malefic aspect will spoil.

* Mars and/or Saturn aspect on Moon: Loss of wealth, near & dear ones and physical ailments.

* Mercury aspect on Moon will result in learning.

Now lets see the results of placement of Moon from Dasha Lord in DA Chart:

Auspicious results when Moon is:

  1. in a Rashi belonging to a friend of Dasha lord.
  2. in the sign of exaltation of Dasha lord.
  3. in a Upachaya( 3,6,10,11) houses from Dasha Lord.
  4. in the 5,7,9 houses from Dasha Lord.

Now lets see the results of dignity of Dasha Lord in DA Chart

Good Results when:

  1. Dasha Lord in Natal Lagan( Ascendent)/ Dasha Aarambh Lagan( only when you are sure of Dasha starting time), Exaltation Sign, Own Sign, in a friends sign, associated/aspected by benefics.

Notes: Exaltation > Mooltrikone > Own > Friends Sign

2. Dasha Lord in Trines,Upachaya houses.

3. Dasha Lord should not be in 6, 8,12 position from its own natal position. I know 6th is upachaya. It can mean some good effects and some bad effects like health or some fights etc.

* Generally DA chart is advised to be seen only for Mahadasha( MD) starting time. The reason is simple, you seldom get right birth time. But if you have confidence in birth time. You can check DA charts for individual Bhukti/Sub-Periods also.Here you have one more planet to check which is sub-period lord along with MD lord and Moon. All three should be in harmony. MD and AD lord in 6/8/12 position is period of caution but that may come many time in astrologers chart also for people who have professions related to 6,8,12. AD lord should be given equal importance.

* Look for benefic/malefic aspects/conjunctions with MD/AD lords. Judge accordingly.

* Don’t forget to check MD/AD dignity in D-9 Chart. Should not be debilitated.

* If MD/AD lord is a slow moving planet, if they change signs in between the sub-period take that into account and infer results taking into account the new sign after they change sign.

* We can also take things forward into the sub-sub-period if the sub-period is long.

* Don’t forget to check the position of lagan lord and its associations in the DA chart. Reveals a lot.

Example Chart:

Birth Chart of a Native


Dasha Aarambh Chart for Rahu-Rahu period from Dec 2008- Aug 2011


1. Rahu both MD and AD lord in 10th ( Upachaya) is good.

2. Associated by 2 benefics Venus & Jupiter…..Good.

3. Friends Sign.

4. Moon in Taurus Exalted and also exaltation sign of Rahu as per some……Good.

5. Moon aspected by Mars & Satrun….Bad. Aspected by Jup….Good……By Sun & Rahu…..OK

6. Moon is in 5th from Rahu……Good.

The Result:

Native had a very prosperous dasha with increasing income but heavy expenditure. Went to UK for an year. Got Married and bought a big car ( both at its native country).

Moon in Taurus & Rahu associated with Venus(2nd & 7th lord) gave marriage  with Jupiter 9th lord blessings and bought a Car ( no dowry). Venus is Sthira Karaka for wife also Chara Dara Karaka ( Jaimini).

Rahu association with 7th,9th and 12th lord + RK Axis in 4-10 house + Deb. Jupiter(9th & 12th Lord) aspects on 4th gave long distance foreign travel.

If we see closely, there is double transit infact triple transit on 2nd house.

( Double transit happens on a house when Transit Jup & Saturn together aspects or conjunct a particular house in Natal Chart. Triple transit happens when Tr.Rahu also joins them. 2nd house of acquisition of wealth, family etc with Moon 4th lord Vehicles and also Ghar Basna( Supporting house for Marriage))

Dasha Aarambh Chart for Rahu-Jupiter period  from Aug 2011-Jan 2014

Example DA

Note: Though Aquarius was rising but I have taken Aries as the lagan here because the time may not be correct and Aries is the lagan rashi in birth chart.


1. Rahu and Jup in 6/8 position from each other. Not good.

2. Rahu in Scorpio( as per some debilitated) and also 8th house from Lagan aspected by Saturn from 6th……Bad

3. Rahu in 6th house from its Natal Position…..Bad

4. Moon in Gemini with Mars and aspected by Saturn…..Bad

5. Moon is in 8th from Rahu and 3rd from Jupiter……Bad

The result: Got separated from wife, heavy expenditure, loss of job. But started studying astrology which looks like his Prarabhda( Pending Karma). Made new friends in astrology community.

Now if we take Moon results in Mars rashis ( mentioned above) and associates them with Rahu & Jupiter both in Mars rashi, loss of wife becomes clear.

Saturn(10th lord) in 6th house from AD lord and aspected by Ketu( Break) shows job issues.

Rahu in 8th/Scorpio( Natural 8th sign associated with Occult, also Rahu one of the karak for occult) and in 6/8 position with AD lord Jup( Vidya/Knowledge) shows Astrology studies spl when Moon in Gemini( Mercury Rashi).

Heavy expenditure and loss of near & dear is shown also by Moon aspected by both Mars and Saturn.

Like this we can check for every Dasha & Sub-periods. We can also use it on other Dasha’s like Chara Dasha where instead of planets, we judge sign and transits of Chara Karakas in them and relative to them.

Hope you liked the write up and it helped you learn something new.

I really apologize for any typo error, if any.

Happy Learning & God Bless.


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