Birth Time Rectification – The Chandra Navamsa Paddathi (System) – Part 1 & 2

Birth Time Rectification – The Chandra Navamsa Paddathi (System) – Part 1 & 2

By Saptarishis Astrology

Editors: Helen Patterson, USA & M Imran, Pakistan.

With Obeisance to my Guru Late Shri C.S. Patel, who was based in Mumbai and to my Mentor, who is based in New Delhi, I submit this work at their holy feet, and request them to accept it and bless it. It has been nearly three years since we wrote an editorial or presented a complete system of prediction (paddathi).

Birth time rectification is one of the toughest areas in astrology, but at the same time, one of the biggest money making spinners, especially for the Gurus of today. If one notices existing rectification practices, one feels that past Gurus and the modern ones have not given us much to work upon. As a result, every new entrant in astrology wastes a lot of time on it without knowing any rectification method with entirety. Then there are quantitative birth time rectification techniques, found in astrology classics, and also replicated in modern books. However, there is no substantial way to determine practical effectiveness of mathematical rectification technique. Many authors and researchers hold that quantitative birth time rectification methods, like pranapada etc. do not yield satisfactory outcome, probably because there is no way to counter-checking them.

Tattva rectification method, advocated by late Shri Subba Rao is considered a reliable way. However, its reliability has not yet been researched with the help of birth data sample that is accurately recorded and duly certified by astrological institutes. Most of us are following it unscientifically.

Thumb impression is the best methods of birth time rectification. However, only 4 experts in India are known to know about it, one of the best among them was the Late Narendra Desai, a great legend in USA, but unknown in India. Another finest and practical method is rectification through tallying life events with dasha and gochar. Amongst the popular writers, Shri K.N. Rao has stressed upon it. Event based rectification systems are tricky, especially when dasha is used to verify the life-events, since dasha are open to diverse interpretation and variations.

Event based rectifications on the basis of Shastiamsa (D60) is quite dependable. The D60 chart changes approximately after every 2 minutes. Sometimes back, a chart of a western astrologer was seen by the scribe. In her D60, Libra was ascendant, while Saturn the 4L of property was sitting in the 8H from Asc, and 4H having A8 (inheritance). It was predicted to her whether she got an inheritance during 51st year. She replied in affirmative, also since from Moon lagna in D60, Saturn was the 6L. So it was asked whether inheritance sharing was a long-drawn battle, to which she replied in the affirmative again. It means her D60 ascendant is fairly accurate. One knows by using BSP techniques: wherever Saturn sits, it implements its energies in the 51st year. This is the event based verification, but one has to use numerous methods to arrive at the same conclusion.

If we are honest to ourselves and admit our lack of perfect knowledge only then can we strive to get the truth out of any chart, since the chart finally speaks back to the one with the honest heart and tells you how the planets will give the result in that chart. The biggest mistake most astrology students commit is to land up learning astrology for two to five years, and assume that their own birth time is not accurate based on their limited experience. We have also seen some people spending decades of their lives, paying out thousands of dollars, and going from Jyotish Guru to another, just in order to dig out their correct and real time of birth. During the last one decade, we have observed so many astrology aspirants to have committed the same mistake. The thick amount of money and precious time could have been spent in donations, welfare work, and earning better karma, rather than spending on hundreds of astrologers. The point (which no astrologer admits honestly) is that even after twenty to thirty years of experience in astrology, we lack proficiency of correctly predict a dasa and gochar, or understand yogas[1]. In this situation, how can we decide if a birth chart is correct or not, finally we end up rectifying the birth chart or the ayanamsa, although it might not be needed.

Since nearly a decade, this scribe has rigorously worked on birth time rectification using the Shastiamsa (D60) methods, a part of it was revealed for the first time to the Jyotish community through series of articles called ‘Secrets of Shastiamsa’, published in year 2010/2011 in Saptarishis Astrology magazine. Like the Shastiamsa method where BCP (Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi) and BSP (Bhrighu Saral Paddathi) methods were combined, we have developed 4 more independent methods. One of which we have taught in our Nadi classes conducted in Mumbai. In one of those techniques, by seeing a chart within three seconds a good astrologer can predict an event and year of its occurrence. If native confirms it, then the birth time is accurate to the minute. In the Nadi Classes and in the SA Mumbai Club, we have tested so many blind charts through the 3 second method.

The olden astrologers’ trump card is to fix the ascendant with the help of characteristics of the body, appearance, face etc. This technique, though accepted widely in India, is open to interpretation, and sometime does not match the test of time. Fixing ascendant through physical appearance and temperament may be misleading. For instance, Rajiv Gandhi’s janma lagna was earlier suggested Cancer by senior astrologers due to soumya (calm) appearance of native. However, later it was discovered that Rajiv Gandhi was a case of Leo lagna, despite the fact he did not show the dominance of a Leo, despite having so many planets in his Leo ascendant.

Birth Time Rectification

What if we can pin point one planet, say Moon, in the Navamsa chart and fix it to a particular house, and be sure that it can only be in that very house and nowhere else. In this situation, could we be sure of the Navamsa Lagna?

This article focuses on the Moon’s Navamsa position only, then observing its sign, its house, its dispositor and aspects and seeing if an event concerning all the above happened in a specific year as per the table listed below. Position of the Moon contains seeds of past life specific karma[2], the nakshatra Moon is placed in contains the highest secrets which has not come out so far unfortunately. Hence the Moons Navamsa position is a more specific point which cannot be ignored and this has been mentioned in ChandraKala Nadi (Devakeralam) translated by R Santhanam and a classic on which Late C S Patel worked for many decades.

Moon’s Sign & Event Year

Following is the table extracted from a Nadi work. Moon’s Navamsa Rasi Aries is 28th year, Moon’s Navamsa Rasi Taurus is 29th year, and Gemini is 30, and so on up to Pisces that stands for 39th year.

Moon’s Navamsa and Nadi Age
S.N. Moon’s Nav. Sign Nadi Age
1 Aries 28th year
2 Taurus 29
3 Gemini 30
4 Cancer 31
5 Leo 32
6 Virgo 33
7 Libra 34
8 Scorpio 35
9 Sagittarius 36
10 Capricorn 37
11 Aquarius 38
12 Pisces 39

Use only this cycle to check the birth time rectification, though at the end we would give one more example that goes beyond the cycle, but if you want to master this technique then use this cycle only to start with.

What happens if someone is not remembering the events between 28th to 39th years? What happens if one gets a chart where the age of the native is below 28 (say just 24 years) then how we can use this system? It will be shown in another table after the set of 7-8 odd examples. This whole article is Part 1 & 2 and Part 3 of the methodology which is an independent system of prediction to be used irrespective of the Moon will be revealed soon.


This system is not perfect, as will be shown in the very first example, that chart will be taken once again at the end of this article. This is just one of the tools that one must use along with other methods and many more events. Only then you come to the right conclusion.

Defining Nadi Age

Indians do not make a mistake in this, but Westerners do make a mistake due to the different counting systems prevalent in their countries.

From zero month of birth till 12th month of birth – the nadi age is 1st year. It means you are in your first year. A Westerner would give the age by stating how many months have passed since the birth, i.e. my child is six months old. In India, we say the child is in his 1st year or running his first year.

Broadly speaking it’s like this:

From To Nadi Age – Indian Counting
1st Day (birth date) 365 days 1st year
1 year 1 day 1 year 364 days 2nd year
2nd year 1 day 2nd year 364 days 3rd year


How to Use The Table

So if your Moon Navamsa is in Aries, in the 5H of Navamsa chart then events related to 5H of love/education, and the yogas in that house/planet associated or the aspects it receives, the lordships of the respective planets will work and give an event. If Moon is in the 2H in Pisces, then at the age of 39th, that is in the 39th year of the native some events concerning 2H of family, finances can happen.


Chart 1: Mukesh


  • Now see Moon is in Aries Navamsa in the 7H of secondary house of profession, it is 10L of career also and is conjoint with Jupiter the 6L of job.
  • Jupiter signifies banking (authority ref. Phaladeepika, initial chapter by Gopesh Kumar Ojha).
  • In the 28th year he got a job in SBI bank, the biggest bank of India on 5th Jan 2009 when he was running the 28th year which would be from March 2008 to March 2009.

At the end of this part we would take up this chart again to see the Warning as mentioned before.

Chart 2: PD ref Devas



  • Moon is in Gemini in 8H, so 30th year which would be from Feb 2006 to Feb 2007.
  • So the possibilities are if sex happened in that year or some depression (Rahu’s 9th aspect) or relationship and depression.
  • We asked the above possibilities and the message received that the girl went into major depression since she had gotten a marriage proposal of an Indian Canadian dentist and things were set. Then the boy’s girlfriend once picked up the phone call (between boy and this female native). The boy’s girlfriend said to her to leave the boy and break the engagement. The engagement broke, and she went into major depression. Here the boy did not tell the truth that he had a girlfriend.
  • One can see on hindsight that Moon is in Gemini with A5 (arudha of 5H signifying mind) in 8H of depressions, aspected by Rahu and Mars, besides opposition of Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. Furthermore, Moon’s lord Mercury has gone in the 6H of separation along with Ketu (giving break in relationships).

Chart 3: R Dev


  • In Navamsha, Moon is in Pisces in 4H, along with Venus the 6L and 11L.
  • The 8L Moon is aspected by Rahu from 12H of separation, where Rahu is co-lord of Aquarius (3H).
  • Pisces denotes 39th year as per the table above, which in her case would be from Jan 2013 to Jan 2014.
  • She was asked if she bought a house or anything to do with the house or some loan for house. She said she bought a costly property in a posh area (Venus) having lot of beautiful amenities, and it was on loan along with her husband (11L of spouse).
  • She was asked whether there were troubles to her mother (Moon is 8L in 4H of mother), or some chronic problems to her mother, she replied yes. Native’s mother was detected with osteoporosis and spondolysis and rheumatism.
  • She was asked whether any dispute with her siblings especially brothers happened in that year (age 39). Note dispositor of Mars is Rahu/Saturn and retrograde Saturn’s aspects in turn back to the Mars (Late J.N. Bhasin method published in 1978 or 1979 September issue of B.V. Raman’s Astrological Magazine, as per memory). Here Rahu also aspects the Moon. She confirmed that a quarrel occurred between her brothers. Since then (around 1.5 years), she has not spoken to her elder brother. Note 3H is not merely stands for younger siblings, but denotes all siblings. Note Venus is dispositor of a debilitated Sun (11H), and this Venus is in the 4H of property. The present cost of said property is nearing 1 crore rupees (about quarter of a million US dollar).
  • She was asked whether any event related to her son’s education happened this year. This was inquired because Moon’s dispositor is Jupiter. And Jupiter is in the 5H (children) along with retrograde Saturn – the 2L of early education. She said yes, her son was enrolled for the first time for a formal schooling, but this event happened with ifs and buts. In fact, the earlier school, they had applied in, had rejected them. Then they took him to another school and after 1 month they called back saying seat is available. So she removed from that school and took him to the one which had earlier rejected them.

Chart 4: N Bs Daughter

NBsDaughter NBsDaughter-D9

  • Moon is in 3H in Virgo Navamsa. Hence 33rd should be important. Age 33 corresponding to Virgo spans from October 2012 to October 2013.
  • Native’s mother was asked whether her daughter had some short travels. The mother replied yes, out of the city short travels. Moon’s dispositor (Mercury) is in 9H of bhagya with Saturn – the 7L of public recognition and name. Mercury is also aspected by Mars – 10L of career.
  • She informed that her daughter (native) also got an award for her work and bhagyodaya (prosperity) opened up.

Chart 5: Ref 4 San Jha

Ref4San Ref4San-D9

  • Moon is in 4H in Gemini Rasi which is 30th year as per given above Nadi table.
  • In 30th year, native begotten a female child (became mother).
  • Moon is 5L of children in 4H of home, so in house a child was born. For gender of child, see Moon is the dispositor of Venus , and associated with 2L Mars and 11L Saturn. Keep in mind 11H also stands for children (BPHS, Chapter 11, Shloka 11, says 11H denotes spouse and children).

Chart 6: Na B

NaB NaB-D9

  • Moon is in Mesha Navamsa in 2H. This is equal to 28th
  • Note Moon is in 2H of wealth and acquisitions and associated with Jupiter who is the dispositor of the 4L of home and property. Mars – dispositor of Moon – is sitting in 10H and aspects 4H of property (Mars is also a karaka of property).
  • This same Mars also aspects the 4L lord Mercury. So there are prospects of gain of property and this lady bought a house. Since Mars is 2L, therefore some financial gain also obtained.

Chart 7: Ref 1 San Jha

Ref1San Ref1San-D9

  • Moon is in Gemini Navamsa in 11H. The Gemini Navamsa is 30th
  • In the 30th year native got married.
  • 11h is the house of spouse/child (as per BPHS chapter 11 Shloka 11). The 11L Mercury is in the 1H (of the 1/7 axis of marriage) in the Rahu Ketu axis thereby giving possibility of marriage. The native was asked whether the native felt it was a very karmic marriage, and he replied in the affirmative.

Chart 8: A Ban & A Failure


  • Moon is in 4H in Cancer with Ketu, Karka as per our table signifies 31st year which would be from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013. It being in the and receiving aspect of only Saturn and Mars we asked the native “I have some events but can u let me know if any events concerning 4H happened in the 31st year that means events concerning 4H – property, residence shift, mothers health or anything to do with mother etc etc”
  • The native replied “From October 2012 to October 2013, I was in my hometown and did studies related to certified financial planner and successfully completed this tough course in June 2013. Mother was fine and no problems. But in July 2012 (31st year), my dad had both knee replacement operation from which he successfully recovered.”
  • This shows the failure in our prediction yet we have often repeated in the Nadi Classes in Mumbai, “Whenever you pin point a house via any system always first check 6th, 8th, 12th from it to get the worst events instantly.”
  • On hindsight of this failure if we see from the 4H of the focus of Moons Navamsa Rasi, the 6th house of diseases would be 9th house of father, the 8th house from 9H of father would be the 4H of Moons Navamsa Rasi indicating 31st Mars the 12L (doctors/hospitals) from 9H of father and signifying operations is aspecting 4H containing Moons Navamsa Rasi, thus his father had an operation.

In hindsight all kinds of justification can be done and it is a failure but we also cannot forget the engineer who made a BMW car can never drive it like Michael Schumacher & without that engineer no one would have even heard of Michael Schumacher.


Chart 1 : Mukesh

This system is not perfect as will be shown in the very first example is what we had mentioned at the start of this article. This is just one of the tools that one must use, combining it with other methods, by evaluating more events and then come to the correct conclusion. Let’s see the first chart again and then change the birth time by adding 9 minutes for D9 Lagna to change.

Original Navamsa


Explanation that was given in earlier part of this article is reproduced below:

  • Now see Moon is in Aries Navamsa in the 7H of secondary house of profession, it is 10L of career also and is conjoint with Jupiter the 6L of job.
  • Jupiter signifies banking (authority ref Phaladeepika initial chapter by Gopesh Kumar Ojha).
  • In the 28th year he got job in SBI bank, the biggest bank of India on 5th Jan 2009 when he was running the 28th year which would be from March 2008 to March 2009.

New Navamsa by adding 9 minutes to birth time


Now see the new explanation:

  1. Moon is in Aries Navamsa in 6H and Aries navamsa is 28th He got job in 28th year, as Moon is in 6H of job service, Jupiter is the 5L of new job placed in 6H along with being 2L of money (banking) and Jupiter signifies bank too.

So you see with both the Navamsas, one can easily do post mortem analysis and justify the method or even do correct prediction on a wrong navamsa ascendant chart and say that ‘I was able to predict so chart is correct and so is my technique’.

Our approach should be to use not just one but multiple techniques of birth time rectification and then come to conclusion.

Part 2

Query 1: What happens if someone is not remembering the events between 28th year to 39th year, what happens if one gets a chart where the age of the native is only say 24 then how do we use this system will be shown in just one example, below.

Query 2: What happens if someone is 60 years old and he or she does not remember events from 28th year to 39th year but will be more likely to remember 58th year event, how does the table progress ? Answer is it will be shown below with an advanced table.



Chart 1: N Bs Son



  • Now see Moon is in Aquarius Navamsa, as per our original table it denotes 38th year but the native has not yet crossed 38th years, so refer to the above table, there it shows for Aq age 26 also. The age 26 spans from November 2011 to November 2012.
  • Since Moon is in Aquarius in 9H, therefore 26th year something to do with Bhagya can happen.
  • Moon in 9H of Bhagyodaya, but with Rahu and aspected by Saturn from 7H, 3rd aspect (travel/death etc).
  • He set up his workshop (for designer cars) so bhagyodaya happened. But there occurred many other events simultaneously: long-time girlfriend shifted to Canada, break in relationships (7H Saturn), he went into depression (Moon Rahu together), and his mother took loan (Moon is in 6th house from 4H of mother) to set up his workshop business.

Chart 2: SM

SM-D9 Table1

Now Moon is in Virgo and as per the expanded table you get 21st and 33rd year. Obviously same event cannot repeat twice, but broad theme might repeat depending on yoga active then, dasa active and transits which would differ in the 12 year period.

21st year of native – May 1993 to May 1994

  • Moon is in Virgo in the 7H of relationships, the lord of Virgo is Mercury who is placed in 6H of separation, conjoint 12L of separation Saturn and Rahu.
  • The native had a relationship but got separated out of it, the depression of it set his studies back and he barely passed, although earlier he was the topper in his engineering college.

33rd year of native – May 2005 to May 2006

  • Moon is obviously placed in Virgo in the 7H of relationships, same explanations as above and the native had a relationship with a foreigner (rahu) which broke and he left his job (6H) where he was working abroad (12H Saturn and rahu).

In both cases you can see that there was a relationship and it broke.

Chart 3: A M


Note Moon Navamsa Rasi is in Leo, so the ages active are 20, 32, 44.


Moon is in the 12H in D9, with 9L Venus who is also 2L of family and finances, Moon itself is 11H of gains, Ketu is 3L of travel and owns efforts via own hands, then 12L Sun is in 9H (parivartana between 9th and 12th) with 6L Saturn who in turn aspects 3H of travels.

Indication of something to do with Venus (wife or monies) , Ketu (losses or accidents), vehicle (ketu is dispositor of Mars & at the same time Mars is aspecting Moon Navamsa Rasis lord Sun) and finances (11L in 12H and 2L in 12H) can happen at the age of 20, 32, 44.

20th year would be from March 1981 to 1982, earlier he had started a chemical line business with his uncle in the 18th year, he vaguely remembers it as around the 20th year he had to close down this business as it was going into huge losses.

32nd year would be from March 93 to March 94, he does not remember what happened but vaguely remembers that after the stock market scam that hit India, he had to sell of his gold, sell off his wife’s gold, all his investments were sold, he remembers it as 1993 but does not remember now which month he had to sell it.

44th year would be from March 2005 to March 2006, on 5th Nov 2005 he had a very bad accident as he was driving on the ghats (hills), his car was in a turn and there was oil on the road, his car skid, hit a truck and his wife who was in the car became unconscious and was hospitalised and could not move out of the bed for 1.5 months. He seems to remember some losses of financial nature in this year but cannot remember the month now.

It took 2 days & 5 phone calls (from this scribe to native) for the native to remember these incidents and refer his dairy, most of us do not remember in detail events in our life and then we proclaim a technique is not working.


This Part 2 method has not been aggressively tested by this scribe due to many natives not remembering what happened in their lives.

Either similar events or symbolically similar events would happen in the 12 year gap, if two or more planets are involved which always is the case since Moon in a sign would mean one thing and its lord in some other sign would mean another. So as per Desh Kala Patra, one type of event in one cycle and another type of event in another cycle can happen. At the same time the yoga for serious relationships on an average is from say 20 to 45 and two cycles can happen in that but after that whenever the 12 year cycle goes ahead then some other event concerning that house will happen since a house shows not just two or three but several significations (types of events) depending on one’s dasa and transit the results will change.

On the last note in Part 3 will reveal another complete system of prediction based on this method only but an independent method. Readers are requested to test this technique aggressively over 20-30 charts before accepting or rejecting it. When we use a technique on each and every chart for 10 years the amount of perfection we get it phenomenal, only 10 techniques is what an astrologer requires that he has perfected by using it repeatedly over thousands of charts, any client wants only 10 predictions from you and he becomes your client forever.

[1] 95 % of the astrologers do not go beyond the 300 yogas mentioned in Dr Ramans book, what about the 100,000 yogas collected by a Nagpur based astrologer in hindi, will we ever read it or forget mastering it since mastering 300 yogas in itself is not possible. – SA Editor

[2] Vague references can be found in Karma Vipak Samhita, a discourse between Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, few chapters of it SA has published earlier. – SA Editor


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