11th From Mars

A Master Key


The Kid

Technique: Mr Ashok Upadhayay

The message that was given by Mr Ashok Upadhayay, whose roots are village astrology, was just one line

Mars Implements Its Energy in the 11th from wherever it is placed in a chart.

Taking this one line technique some deductions have been made which might be acceptable to the Technique giver or might not be acceptable. Let us first see who Mars is; it owns the 1st house of the natural zodiac and the 8th house. Aries is the Natural Ascendant hence; Mars gets the highest prominence in any chart. Scorpio, its other sign, resides in the 8th house of the natural zodiac, which if one follows a rare school of thought becomes the most important focal point in any chart. In the examples below we will try to see how 11th from Mars becomes a vital area in the horoscope which just cannot be ignored. So far this method has been kept hidden from our eyes.


  • Mars implements its supreme energy in the 11th house from where it is placed.
  • Mars makes it either stronger or weaker depending on the natural condition of the Mars in our charts.
  • This 11th from Mars at times shows the main events that will dominate in the charts of those who have a significant Mars.
  • Use in your analysis the planets placed in the 11th from Mars, aspects on it, lordship of that sign & the nakshatra (asterism) lord/owner of Mars.
  • One would observe that Vimshottari Dasa works well to see those events that Mars is showing in the 11th house from it, use it creatively & flexibly till one forms one’s own systematic methodology.

What is presented below is just a rough working guide for scholars to take it further & not the final method.

Chart 1:


Step 1: Mark the 11th house from Mars, the energy will travel there.

Step 2: Mark the planets placed in it & aspects on it.

Step 3: Mark the lordship of this 11th house & with whom it conjoins or forms an association (trine).

Step 4: Mark the nakshatra lordship of Mars.

Mars is debilitated in the 9H of father, teacher & 6th (fights) from school. As Mars is in the 9th house it will ‘Implement its debilitated energy in the 7th house’ (11th from it), in the 7H the sign is Taurus whose lord Venus goes in 11H of authority with Mercury & Ketu (arguments). Thus the debilitated energy of Mars has gone in the 7H making him fight with authorities and this can become a very strong influence in his entire life. Therefore, in Vimshottari dasa we can find the interplay of all these planets viz: Mars, Ven, Mer & Ketu giving trouble to this native.

Event 1: In Ven/Mars dasa (1980 to 1981) – the native as a young boy had a huge fight (Ketu) with his schoolteacher (Mars in 9H is debilitated). See Mars is with A6 (fights) and the fight happened due to a girl (Mars is in Cancer that is a female sign) and Ven (again girl), the lord of Taurus, is debilitated and Ta has A9 (teacher). He left the school & his father was made to shift the town to procure admission in another school.

Remember, 7H is the house of people with power & so is the 11th house. The native confirms that he has often fought/had arguments with authorities & has dealt a lot with people in authority, viz: high profile politicians.

Event 2 & 3: In dasa of Ven/Mer as a young man, he had chronic bout of tuberculosis. See from 7H where the energy of Mars is, its lord Ven (MD) is with Mer (AD) & Mer (chest) is afflicted by Ketu (disease). In addition, Mars is in Cancer the sign of chest area and is with A8 (chronic condition), he was in bed for 6 months no doubt as doubly chest is afflicted.

In same antar of Mer in 1991 the father (mars in 9Hof father) & A9 A10 (father) got into trouble due to a politician and had to face an inquiry for the 1st time in his illustrious service.

Conclusion: We saw that the Mahadasa & Antardasa was of the planets associated with the 7th house which is the 11th from Mars. Of course, Mars is in the nakshatra of Mer.

Chart 2: Italian Stallion

After man has become a celebrity it is easy for an author to give the combinations why he became one. Well they called him the Italian Stallion, his whole life is Mars based. For Leo Ascendant Mars is the Yogakaraka (special planet) and it is placed right there in Leo with HL (wealth) & A7 (bringing one in front of people). Use step 1, the 11th house from Mars comes to 7th house where Sun is placed & the lord of Gemini which is Mercury goes into the 8H of transformation (his movie was about transformation of a man) conjoined with  Venus & Saturn who aspects Jupiter the Mahadasa lord.


So we mark all these planets, and it was on 3rd Dec 1976 [1] when Jup/Ven/Mars (all 3 marked) was running he tasted Success that no one had ever done so before him. He gave to the world ‘Rocky’ which has inspired generations to generations all over the world to never ever give up. To fight till the last nano second whatever be the obstacle – a true Martian message was delivered. The movie was shot in 28 days (Mars general result giving age is 28), it got 10 academy nominations, won 3 Oscars (incidentally 11th house from Mars is Gemini the number 3), he wrote the script in 3 days [2]. His last installment Rocky 6 was after 30 years (multiples of 3) The man who directed this record breaking movie was by the name of John G Avildsen, scribe’s 2 yrs of experiments shows that Mars has to bring a man by the name of J to guide this movie project (Mars is in 9H which shows boss – director is boss of the movie & also 9H is the house of blessings). To digress from the main focus of this article, we must add that Mars is in the 3H from the 7th house (our focal point), 3H is hands and the movie was about boxing & Mars is in Leo, the movie was about a small town guy taking on the King of Boxing (sign is Leo). Scribe does not know if Stallone is left or right handed but as Mars energy goes to the 11th house from it which is the left hand, scribe would have advised him to surely go for left hand punches in the movie and incidentally he became known for his Knock Out Left Hand Punches in the movie.

To digress more further, if there is one advice an astrologer has to give upon seeing this chart to any aspiring actor it is after seeing Mars & 11th house from it, the advice would be ‘When you marry your fortune will Open Up’ & it was his wife who helped him write the script of Rocky & even in the epic movie it was his wife who was the force behind him & with him; even the original Rocky Movie Poster shows man & woman, again depicting the sign Gemini which stands for two people who are soul mates.

Chart 3: Break Up with Mother


The native wishes to protect his/her identity hence only 2 planets are given. Mars is in the 6H, debilitated so its debilitated energy goes into the 4H of mother. In 4H we have Mercury and its lord is Venus. Mars is in the asterism (nakshatra) of Saturn. Therefore, the planets we get are Mars, Ven, Mer & Saturn. Even though Venus is in its most desired house, yet the relations with mother got spoilt in 1979-1980. The dasa was Ven/Saturn the two planets we marked earlier. It has taken more than 4 decades to patch up with mother. Thus, we can see how the energy of Mars moved to the 11th from it creating rift between native and mother.

In the next chart we shall take this theory of Mars ‘Implementing’ its 11th house from it to another level that is to D10/Dasamsa/10th Harmonic.

Chart 4: Charlton ‘Ben-Hur’ Heston


When the world (outside of America) thinks of this man who just passed away we can only think of two names associated with him ‘Ben Hur’ & ‘Moses’ of Ten Commandments.

Both revolutionary characters played to the T by this chisel jawed Greek God.

Now Mars is in 11th house in sign of King with Dragons Head (rahu – foreigners) & AL (fruition of one’s self), so this energy of King, Foreigners (Romans) goes into the 9th house of Gemini, whose lord is Mer who is trined by Jupiter. From Mars, which is with AL, there is Jupiter, now Jupiter in 3rd & 6th from AL (arudha lagna) can show a Sadhu i.e. saintly man. He played the character of Moses, a saintly man who created revolution (Rahu) in his land, against the Romans (Rahu) & became the unseen (rahu) king in the period of Mer/Jup/Mars (3rd Sept 1956 to 22nd Oct 1956) to give to the world the epic of epics ‘Ten Commandments’ on 5th Oct 1956 [3].

If one observes further in this sign of Gemini (11th from Mars) Pluto is placed the planet for Transformation and that is what Moses depicted & also Charlton Heston’s Career got transformed. Somehow, scribe remembers the image of Moses as one wearing the red (Mars) piece of cloth with brown tones (Rahu) on the Moses character he played. (Rahu Mars with AL).


In Dasamsa (10th harmonic) one finds similar effects, Mars (AD) in 5H of fame so its energy goes in the 3H of acting who is with AL (Fruition of one’s self) in the sign of Pisces ( Jup AD lord & Pisces is big water – Moses Parting of the sea is the most famous scene of that movie) trined by Mer (MD).

One will find similar results with the timing of Benhur.

It is very easy for an author to only give those charts where the technique is Easily Applicable and prove his theory, hence let us take a chart where there is immense controversy on which dasa is applicable & where Fixology usage is possible.

Chart 5 : Big B’s Ashtottari


Amitabh Bachchan has Mars with 3 planets (Mer, Ven, Sun) in the 8H so it will implement all this Concentrated Jumbled energy in the 6H (11th from it) where Jup is placed and Moon is the lord. Jup is aspected by Saturn who is with AL. Along with Jupiter there is Pluto (Transformer) so when he transforms himself into an angry young (cancer) man (Deewar) or becomes like a brother (Sholay movie -Mars is Bhatrikaraka) he would see success. These two movies made him the king in the year 1975 when Saturn Dasa (Saturn aspects the 6H our focus) was running as per Vimshottari Dasa. The whole dasa made him a Legend.

The real secrets of Ashtottari Dasa has not come out with not a single author writing (in English) on it so we are still lurking in the dark. There are many rules as to when Ashtottari Dasa need to be used, some use it as a conditional dasa whereas there are some paramparas who use ‘Only’ Ashtottari Dasa. Some use it for daytime births in krishnapaksha & vice versa, some use it ‘If Rahu is in a trine or quadrant from lagna lord but not in the Ascendant’.

Rahu is in quadrant from lagna lord Saturn so Ashtottari Dasa can be applicable here (for those who use it as a conditional dasa), now lets go back to Mars in 8H so it implements it Jumbled up energy in the 6H where Exalted Jupiter is made; from 1973 to 1992 Jupiter Mahadasa was running with 42 SAV points, he became the Emperor during this period.

As Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in 6H of accidents & intestines, we can expect a big (exalted Jup) accident (6H) affecting his intestines (6H) in Jupiter/Moon period and one can see that in July 1982 when the famous Coolie Accident happened which brought the whole of India to its knees he was running Jup/Moon/Moon from May 82 to Sept 82. Let us not forget it was this Mars who gave him angry young man look gave him this accident thereby making him more famous, why is it Mars, since the man who punched his intestines has to have his name starting with P & it was Puneet Issar.

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