Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga

Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga


O.P. Paliwal, India.

This yoga, as the name implies, has two constituents – Neechabjanga and Rajayoga. Neechabhanga means cancellation of debility of a planet. Raja yoga means a yoga that gives power, authority, name and fame. “उच्च नीच राजयोगौ” (Uchcha Neecha Raja Yogoo) is a famous dictum from Deva Keralam. It means Rajayoga will fructify with simultaneous presence of exalted and debilitated planets. Thus, Neechabhanga Rajayoga means that a debilitated planet on cancellation of its debility gives results of Rajayoga during its period (Dasa). If debility is cancelled in two or more ways, the effects seem to be very strong.

Neechabhanga – Cancellation of Debility

Neechabhanga occurs under the following conditions:-

  1. If the lord of the sign occupied by a debilitated planet; AND

The lord of the exaltation sign of the debilitated planet be in a quadrant from the Moon sign. Both the planets should be in quadrant from the Moon as per following dictum:

“नीच स्थितो उम्मानि यो ग्रह स्यात् तद्राशिनथोपि तदुच्चनाथः

स चन्द्र लग्नाध्यदि केन्द्रवर्ती राजा भवेधार्मिक चक्रवर्ती”

(Deva Keralam, Vol.II/86; Phala Deepika 7/26; Jataka Parijata 7/13)

Planets causing Neechabhanga are given below in a tabular form to serve as a ready reckoner.

Planet Debilitation Sign Planets Causing Neechabhanga
Lord of Debilitation Sign Lord of Exaltation Sign
Sun Libra Venus Mars
Moon Scorpio Mars Venus
Mars Cancer Moon Saturn
Mercury Pisces Jupiter Mercury
Jupiter Capricorn Saturn Moon
Venus Virgo Mercury Jupiter
Saturn Aries Mars Venus

Exalted Full Moon, a phenomenon once a year, is most powerful benefic to generate Neecha Bhanga.

  1. If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet OR the lord of the sign of its exaltation be in a square from the ascendant or the Moon (Phala Deepika 7/29).

There is a lot of difference between condition 1 and condition 2. Under condition 1 both Dispositor (Rasi Naath) and Lord of Exaltation sign should be in a quadrant from the Moon but under condition 2 either of them should be in a quadrant either from the Moon or from the Ascendant. Under condition 2 Neechabhanga can occur in any one of the four alternatives –

(a) The lord of the sign in which the debilitated planet is situated is in a quadrant from the Moon.

(b) The lord of the sign in which the debilitated planet is situated is in a quadrant from the Ascendant.

(c) Lord of the Exaltation sign of the Debilitated planet is in a quadrant from the Moon; and

(d) Lord of the Exaltation sign of the Debilitated planet is in a quadrant from the Ascendant.

This is a diluted condition.

  1. If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet and the lord of the sign of its Exaltation are mutually in square to each other. (Phala Deepika 7/27)
  2. If the debilitated planet is aspected by the lord of that sign. (Here only full aspect is to be taken into account, including the special aspects of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). The aspecting planet should be exalted to give full results.

“यस्मिन् राशौ वर्तते खेचरस्तद्राशीभेन प्रेक्षितश्वेत्सखेटः” (Phala Deepika 7/28)

So far we have discussed Neechabhanga on sign (Rasi) considerations. But in horoscopy we use Ten Divisional charts. A planet may occupy its sign of debilitation in Rasi chart but may occupy exalted Navamsa or Drekkana, etc. “नीचे स्वोच्चाम्शो सुरवि” On such cases Neechabhanga is there. This is clearly stated in Deva Keralam as follows:

“नीच राशौ सुयोगांशे योगवान् भोगवान् भवेत” (Volume II/69)

i.e., Planets in Debility but in favourable divisions make the native enjoy prosperity and pleasures. In other words, there is cancellation of debility. In view of this we can add the following condition.

  1. If there are planets in their signs of Debilitations but occupy their exalted Navamsa OR benefic Shashtiamsa (60th part of a sign). This is as per verse 20 of Chapter Seven of Jataka Parijata given below:

“नीचड्ग्ंता द्वि त्रि चतुर्ग्रहेन्द्राः षष्टयंभके शोभनभागयुक्ताः

स्वतुड्गंराश्यशसमन्विता वा धरापतिधार्मिक चक्रवर्ती”

The native becomes fortunate after 33 or 35 years of age. (Deva Keralam, Vol.II/87). This yoga on Cancellation of debility is known as Amrita Raja Yoga and bestows prosperity, gold, jewellery, etc. (Deva Keralam, II/88).

Now see Two Examples.

Example 1:

Late Sir Mirza Ismail, Ex – Dewan of Mysore Born on 24th October, 1883 at 01:19 hours (IST).

Ascendant [1]        Cancer                26° – 14′

Sun                      Libra                   08° – 00′

Moon                  Cancer                18° – 15′

Mars                   Cancer                13° – 00′

Mercury             Virgo                   19° – 00′

Jupiter                 Cancer                11° – 00′

Venus                 Libra                   16° – 26′

Saturn                 Taurus                17° – 00′

Rahu                   Libra                    09° – 56′

Ketu                    Aries                    09° – 56′

Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa 22° – 13′ – 18″


Vimshottari Dasa balance at birth – Mercury 14 years, 11 months and 23 days i.e. up to 17th October, 1898.

Raja Yoga:

Two Exalted planets Mercury and Jupiter and two planets – the Moon and Venus – in their houses.


Two planets Mars and the Sun are Neecha. Mars gets cancellation because his dispositor the Moon is in a quadrant both from the Ascendant and the Moon. The Sun also gets Neechabhanga because his dispositor Venus is situated in a Kendra (Quadrant) both from the Moon and Ascendant. The lord of its Exaltation sign Mars is also situated in a quadrant from the Ascendant and the Moon.

Dasa Effects of Neechabhanga Planets:

He enjoyed Raja Yoga effects both in Sun and Mars periods (Dasa). Mars Dasa did not prove as good as Sun Dasa because the Sun is more powerful in Shadbala (Six fold Strength) than Mars.

Example 2:

Late Shri Ramakrishna Hegde, Born on 30th August, 1926 at 13:30 hours (IST) in Uttar Kannada District, Karnataka.

Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa 22° – 49′ – 59″

Vimshottari Dasa balance at birth – Moon 6 years, 5 months and 26 days i.e. up to 26th February, 1933.


Raja Yoga:

Two exalted planets – the Moon and Saturn and two planets – Mars and the Sun – in their own houses generate Raja Yoga.


Jupiter is debilitated. He gets Neechabhanga since the Moon; lord of Jupiter’s sign of Exaltation is in a quadrant from the Ascendant.

Dasa Effects:

Jupiter period ran from February, 1950[2] to February, 1974. Shri Hegde enjoyed political power as a Minister in State Govt. for major portion of Dasa.

Ascendant          Scorpio                27° – 37′

Sun                      Leo                    13° – 21′

Moon                  Taurus                14° – 41′

Mars                   Aries                   20° – 47′

Mercury             Cancer                26° – 33′

Jupiter               Capricorn            27° – 33′

Venus                Cancer                21° – 59′

Saturn                Libra                  27° – 40′

Rahu                  Gemini               20° – 42′

Ketu                   Sagittarius          20° – 42′

[1] Jhora software is giving 24 Cn and not 26 Cn as Asc Degree

[2] Rasi chart is inserted as a representation only. The dasa of Jupiter in Jhora is from Nov 1957 onwards whereas the author writes Feb 1950.


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  1. I think planet involved in nichabhang must be otherwise strong.i would like to give data,dob 24 nov 1969. Tob-4/25 am . Boisar thana. Here Saturn and mars involved in yoga. Sat is neech ,debilitated and of bal-a avastha ,he looses his job ,whenever sat antara is there and Saturn gets affliction in transit.


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