Quick Tip : Remedy for Married Life

Jai Surya Dev

If Venus is with Sun or Rahu, relationship outside marriage is possible. Increase the power of Venus to maintain love between husband-wife.

Feed Cow with Jawar or Barley on Fridays.

On Friday  rub  curd on your body and then take bath. This is a very effective type of Vashikaran[1], if done regularly. It’s observed that sex life also improves between the couple.

More later.

[Editor:  Let’s not predict blindly by looking at a combination for any thing. A combination increases the probability of something to happen. Other things in chart should support. Let’s not ruin somebody’s married life by our debilitated understanding of a subject.]

[1] Plz don’t misunderstand the word Vashikaran. Don’t take it literally, it’s symbolic. Word Vashikaran mean process of overpowering/controlling.


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  1. if Venus and Jupiter are together in second house, Rahu in 10th house and husband is indulging in multiple affairs for many years now, is there any remedy?


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