Recommended Books

Clicking on book name will lead to you a page where you can read more about it including Preview and can also buy.

Jyotish - The Divine Science

Many people have requested for the Recommended Astrology Books. Below is the list :

Click the book name to read more about book including Preview ( for most of them) and buy ( if you would like to).

The Very Basic – Best for Beginners ( In no particular order)- I recommend reading at least 3-4 of these.

  1. Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology: Vedic Astrologer’s Handbook Vol. I – BepinBehari
  2. Planets in the Sign & Houses – Bepin Behari
  3. Light on Life – Hart Defouw & Robert Svoboda
  4. Astrology of Seers – David Frawley
  5. Path of Light ( I & II)- James Kelleher( Expensive but one of the finest)
  6. Textbook of Scientific Astrology ( 2 Vol.) – Prof P.S. Sastri
  7. Ancient Hindu Astrology and the Modern Western Astrologer – James Braha
  8. The Art & Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrologer – James Braha
  9. Elements of Vedic Astrology ( 1…

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