Effects of Saturn on Construction of Houses

   Effects of Saturn on Construction of Houses


Rabinder Nath Bhandari

 Volunteer: Maurício Avila, Brazil

Saturn is the controller of construction of houses in human life. When there are ascending lines from the line of Saturn (Fate line), the houses will be constructed and there will be addition of property or items related to Saturn and on the contrary, if there are descending lines from the line of Saturn, the constructed houses will be lost or demolished. Saturn plays an important role in construction of houses in relation to its placement in natal chart or its placement in hand palm (in various houses) according to Astro –Palmistry.

So, it is advisable to keep in mind, while constructing a house, Saturn’s influence on native as per chart given below for each house. From the day when foundation of a house is laid, effects will appear or felt by native sometimes immediately or after 3 or 18 years definitely, which may be negative or positive according to the position of Saturn.

Saturn in the 1H

Native will get negative results (Crow Line influence – a negative sign of Saturn’s influence marked on human palm) such as misery, poverty and losses in all spheres, when Saturn is adverse as per rules of LAL KITAB, or native is making it adverse by his own behavior. If Saturn is benefic (Houses No. 7 and 10 are blank), it will give excellent results. However, construction of house before the age of 39 years should be avoided; construction of house after 39 years of age will be beneficial.


Signs and Lines on Palm: When sign of Sun (Star sign) is found on mount of Saturn (H. No. 01), towards the mount of Sun or a line from mount of Saturn goes into the mount of Sun.

Saturn in the 2H

As and when any type of house is constructed, it will always be beneficial.


 Signs and Lines on Palm: Life line originates from the mount of Jupiter (H. No. 2).

Saturn in the 3H

Serving or keeping pet dog (pure black dog– representing Rahu exalted, will give better results) and also caring for 3 worldly dogs (represented by relatives as per LAL KITAB) will be helpful for construction of house. Otherwise, dog of poverty will be barking in negative sense.



Signs and Lines on Palm: A line from mount of Saturn enters the mount of Lower Mars after cutting Life line.

Saturn in the 4H

When native constructs new house, relatives represented by House No. 04 i.e. natives mother, grandmother, mother in law, maternal uncle will be adversely affected. Destruction will start immediately after starting construction of house, on these relatives: native’s maternal uncle, mother in law or her family’s house.


Signs and Lines on Palm: Life line and Heart Line united.

Saturn in the 5H

Self constructed houses by native will take the sacrifice of his children, but houses constructed by his children will be auspicious. In case such person still have to construct a house, donation of living things related to Saturn, such as male buffalo before laying down the foundation of house is advised to ward of ill influences on natives children. However, it is advised to construct the house after the age of 48 to be more secure.


Signs and Lines on Palm: A line from mount of Saturn cuts the Health Line (H. No.5).

Saturn in the 6H

Construction of house after the age group of Saturn, i.e. 39 years of age will be beneficial, otherwise in-laws of natives daughters will have to face destructive effects.


Signs and Lines on Palm: When a line from mount of Saturn goes into house No. 6 (quadrangle).

Saturn in the 7H

Native should not construct a new house, but purchasing an already built house will be beneficial to him. On the contrary, if reverse things start happening (loss or sale of houses begin), maintenance of Dehleez (threshold) of his oldest house will bring back all happiness and he will recover from losses.


Signs and Lines on Palm: Life line and Head line are united at their beginning or a line from mount of Saturn to Head line or to the mount of Venus.

Saturn in the 8H

If native starts construction of house, death bells will start ringing. Saturn’s adverse or benefic influence in this case will depend upon the condition of Rahu or Ketu in native’s birth chart.


Signs and Lines on Palm: Line from mount of Upper Mars (H. No. 8) to the mount of Saturn.

Saturn in the 9H

Construction of house by the native from his self earned money, during the period of pregnancy of his wife or his mother, will create havoc to his father. At the time when the native possess three houses, will be the natives last time i.e. death time of native.


Signs and Lines on Palm: A trident sign at the beginning of Fate Line (H. No. 9).

Saturn in the 10H

Saturn will continue to give wealth for purchasing material required to construct house in shape of cash money till the construction of house. As and when the house gets completed, then Saturn will start giving adverse results and will stop source of income in negative sense.


Signs and Lines on Palm: When there is a cross (Swastika) sign or a single horizontal line is present on the mount of Saturn (H. No. 10).

Saturn in the 11H

House will generally be constructed after the age of 55 years. Living in south facing house will cause native to be bed ridden for a long time with painful ailment before death.


Signs and Lines on Palm: Fate line runs to the mount of Saturn (Urdh Rekha) or presence of a cross sign between fingers of Saturn and Jupiter.

Saturn in the 12H

Snake (Saturn) and Monkey (Sun), who never make their house, will now learn to make it, i.e. houses will now be automatically start building, which will be auspicious, even if Sun may also be placed with Saturn in 12th house. Native should not stop the construction of house if it is started and continue the construction in any way.


Signs and Lines on Palm: Fish sign (Machh Rekha) and Fate line falls in the mouth of Fish.



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  1. Very useful, clear, pointed, very well exemplified and very easy to be understood.
    Thank you, Sir, for the article.


  2. I have never seen this realy happens in even 10percent of horoscoped


    • Well, the same can be said about various things written in classics but that doesn’t mean classics are wrong. They demand a modern and intuitive application. The author is trying to give a reference point from where you can take things further. We always read about yoga’s and then think why that hasn’t been working in a particular case. What we totally ignore is that if there is yoga and there may be a yoga bhanga present in the horoscope like in the case of Neecha Bhanga.


  3. hi,
    Very informative article, but do the palm lines surely reflect the planetary position? because i know
    someone who has saturn debilitated in 4th house but the life line and heart line are completely separate.
    Dr subodh


    • Without an iota of doubt that the palm lined refkect planetary positions. No one hand may be same and show a particular position different permutations and combinations of lines may form. Like for eg: Generally, 9th and 10th lord conjunction is said be a great raj yoga but if u don’t take other dignities of the planet like one being retrograde or fallen then you may interpret it wrong. The author has given a reference point and expects you to take further. I would try and request Bhandari ji to come to this forum and answer any queries.


      • Thanks for the reply. I had studied western palmistry but haven’t read much in samudrik shastra. If Bhandari ji could come to the forum it will be great.

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  4. It’s for my friend.


  5. It’s for my friend


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