Kuja Dosha

Kuja Dosha


Om Prakash Paliwal

Translation: Mohan Srinivasan

Copy Editor: Love Tandon

[Kuja Dosha is also known by the following names:

  1. Kuja Dosha,
  2. Mangli Dosha,
  3. Manglik Dosha,
  4. Bhaum Dosha,
  5. Mars Dosha

In this article all such references have been changed to Kuja Dosha in line with the title of the article so as to avoid any confusion in the minds of relatively inexperienced readers. Similarly, a person with Kuja Dosha in the natal chart is known as a Manglik – Love Tandon, SA Copy Editor]

Happiness or unhappiness in married life depends on three factors – Mutual understanding of the bride and the groom, matching Natal Charts and marriage conducted in rectified strong Lagna. In this article, the important aspects of Kuja Dosha are discussed, while matching the horoscopes.

The way Kuja Dosha is understood nowadays, has its roots in “Jatak Parijat”, as per sloka given under matching the horoscopes of the bride and the groom, stated below.

धनावसान स्मरयान रन्ध्रगो धरासुतो जन्मनि यस्य दारहा |

तथैव कन्याजन जन्म लग्नतो यदि क्षमासूनुरनिष्टदः पतेः || ( जातक पारिजात – १४ /३४)

That is, in the horoscope of the groom, if Mars is situated in 2nd, 12th, 7th, 4th or 8th houses from Lagna, indicates destruction of his wife. Similarly, in the bride’s horoscope, if Mars is in these houses, indicates destruction of her husband. This combination is known as Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosha.

Parashar in the chapter on female horoscopes, states:

लग्ने व्यये सुखे वापि सप्तमे चाष्टमे कुजे

शुभ द्रुग् योग हीने च पतिं हन्ति न संशयः || (बृ.पा. – ८१ / ४७)

This means, in the horoscope of the bride, if Mars is in Lagna, 12th, 4th, 7th or 8th house and is not aspected or conjoined by natural benefics , it will destroy her husband. The ill effects vanish if conjoined or aspected by the combination of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (with benefics) and Waxing Moon. This concept has been forgotten nowadays and instead the following is popular and referred:

लग्ने व्यये च पाताले जामित्रे चाऽष्टमे कुजे

कन्या भर्तृ विनाशाय वरः कन्या विनाशकृत || ( केरल शास्त्र )

In the horoscope of the bride, if Mars is situated in 1st, 12th, 4th, 7th or 8th house, she will destroy her husband and if this is the case in the groom’s horoscope, he will destroy the wife.

Jataka Parijata has the following to say about Kuja Dosha getting annulled, when a Manglik bride and a Manglik groom get married:

द्यून कुटुम्ब गतौ यदि पापौ दार वियोगज दुःख करौ तौ

तादृश योगज दार युतेश्चेज्जीवति पुत्र धनादि युतश्च || (जातक पारिजात – १४ /३६)

Meaning, if the Papa Grahas (Malefics) are in the 2nd or 7th house in the Groom’s horoscope, the individual will suffer grief due to the death of his wife. But if he gets married to a bride who has a similar yoga in her horoscope, he will be prosperous and will be bestowed with wealth, children etc., and live with his wife.

Mantreshwar has said somewhat similar to the above statement:

भार्या नाशस्त्वशुभ सहितौ वीक्षितौ वार्थ कामौ, तत्र प्राहुस्त्वशुभ फलदां क्रूर दृष्टिं   विषेशात् |

एवं पत्न्या अपि सति मदे चाष्टमे वास्ति दोषः सौम्येर्दृष्टे सति शुभयुते दंपतौ भाग्यवन्तौ ||           (फ. दी. – १० /७ )  

If the 2nd and 7th house has Malefics or is aspected by Malefics, it results in the destruction of the wife. A cruel aspect is specially inauspicious. Similarly in the bride’s horoscope, if there are Malefics in the 7th , 8th or in both or Malefics aspect these houses , then it will be unfortunate for the husband, but if both of these houses have benefics or aspected by benefics , then both husband and wife will be fortunate.

Second house from Lagna is the House of Family. Wife is the key central pillar of the family. Seventh house is the house of spouse, eighth house is for longevity and a house of bliss or fortune in a woman’s horoscope, and the 12th house is for marital pleasures. Malefics in these houses (Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun) reduce the happiness of these houses.

Kuja Dosha is analyzed from all the three – Lagna, Moon Lagna and Karak Venus. If Venus is amidst Malefics or if Malefics are posited in the 4th, 8th and 12th house from Venus or if Venus is conjoined or aspected by Malefics, it results in the death of the wife.

As stated in Phala Deepika: stanza – 10 /1:

“सिताद् व्यय सुखाष्टगैः खर खगैर सन्मध्यगे सितोप्यथ शुभेतरेक्षिते च जाया वधः|”-(फल दीपिका-१०/१)  

If Malefics (Mars, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Sun) are posited in the 1st, 2nd, 4th 7th 8th and 12th houses from Lagna, Moon and Venus, it is called Kuja Dosha.


There are more than hundred remedial measures to the malefic effects of Kuja, but most of them are unacceptable. Many of these provide remedies at the gross level. Some of the remedies, are partially acceptable. Some examples are given below.

१. शनि भौमौऽथवा कश्चित् पापो वा तादृशो भवेत् |

तेष्वेव भवनेष्वेव भौम दोष विनाशकृत्॥

That is, if the horoscope of bride or groom has Kuja Dosha and if it is matched with a horoscope having in any one of these houses, Saturn or other Malefics, then Kuja Dosha gets annulled or cancelled. At the gross level, this is right. To analyze the level or strength of the Dosha, we need to see their rasi equivalence in both horoscopes. For example, if Saturn is in a debilitation rasi while Mars is in neutral, then the Dosha does not get cancelled because the effect of debilitation rasi is 100% and the effect of neutral rasi is only 60%. Only when both are in equivalent dignity or status, the condition of “Taadrusho” or equivalence gets fulfilled.

२. अजे लग्ने व्यये चापे पाताले वृश्चिके स्थिते |

   वृषे जाये घटेरन्ध्रे भौम दोषो न विद्यते ||

Kuja Dosha is destroyed if Mars is in Aries Lagna, in 12th in Sagittarius, in 4th in Scorpio, in 7th in Taurus and in 8th in Aquarius. This is also partially correct. Mars in Aquarius and Taurus do not cancel or nullify the Dosha, but Aries and Scorpio being its own houses and Sagittarius –a friendly house would destroy the Dosha.

३. सबले गुरौ भ्रुगौ वा लग्ने द्यूनेऽपि वाऽथवा भौमे |

वक्रिणि नीचारिगृहे वार्कस्थेपि वा न कुज दोषः ||

That is, a strong Jupiter or Venus in Lagna or 7th house would destroy the Kuja Dosha and this is 100% true. But retrograde, debilitated, combust Mars or Mars in enemy’s house-will not give Kuja Dosha. This is difficult to accept. Retrograde planet will necessarily be strong but a debilitated planet or a planet in enemy’s house will increase the Dosha. A weak planet generally gives inauspicious effects.

४. केन्द्रे कोणे शुभाढ्ये च त्रिषडायेऽप्यसद ग्रहाः |

तदा भौमस्य दोषो न मदने मदपस्तथा ||

That is, if there are benefics in Kendra or Trikona, Malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses and lord of the 7th house in 7th, then there will be no Kuja Dosha. Lord of 7th house being in 7th becomes strong but to what extent a benefic planet in Kendra or Trikona and malefic planets in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses can destroy the Dosha is debatable and there is no single opinion. We may have to examine the rasi positions of Mars and other planets as well.

The remedial measures for Kuja Dosha stem from the following root principles:

  1. If Mars is in Exaltation, own house or friendly house, Kuja Dosha is nullified.
  2. If Mars is debilitated or in enemy house but in exaltation in Navamsa or in friendly Navamsa or in own Navamsa- then also – Dosha is annulled.

स्वक्षेत्रे उच्चराशि स्थिते उच्चांशे स्वांशगेऽपि वा |

अंगारके न दोषः स्यात् कर्क्या सिंहे न दोषभाक् ||

[SA Copy Editors Note: The translation was not given by the author but attempted by SA Team member as follows:

If Mars is in Own House or in Exaltation either in Rasi or Navamsa-there is no Kuja Dosha. If Mars is in Cancer or in Leo—there is no Kuja Dosha.]

Arithmetical Evaluation Of Kuja Dosha:

If there is Kuja Dosha in the horoscopes of both the bride and the groom, it would be easy to compare Kuja Dosha if a numerical value can be derived. In this, the firstly step is to find out the rasi position of the planet and its effect in percentage terms; secondly, the house effect of that planet in percentage terms is determined. Then these percentage effects are multiplied together and divided by 100 to give us the extent of Kuja Dosha. If the ratio of the Dosha is 1: 1.5 for the two horoscopes, then it is considered as matched otherwise it is not.

Rasi Position of Planet and Extent of its Good Effect:

According to Varahamihira, in Exaltation a planet gives full auspicious results, if in Trikona, gives one-fourth less, if in its own Rasi gives half, in friend’s Rasi gives one-fourth, in enemy’s Rasi gives very little and in debilitation or combustion gives nil auspicious results. (Brihat Jataka – 20 /11.)

उच्च त्रिकोण स्व सुहृच्छत्रु नीच गृहाऽर्कगैः |

शुभं सम्पूर्ण पादोन दल पादाल्प निष्फलम् || – बृहज्जातक – २० / ११

According to Bhattotpala, the extent of inauspicious results will be opposite of this. The extent of inauspicious results is:

  • In debilitation or combustion –it will be 100%
  • In enemy’s house will be 75%
  • In neutral Rasi it is 60%
  • In friendly Rasi it is 50%
  • In own Rasi it is 25%
  • In MoolTrikona it is 12%
  • In Exaltation it is zero or nil.

Bhava Or House Effects Of Planets

Mantreshwar has this to say:

उदयक्षांश स्फुट तुल्यांशे निवसन पूर्ण फलमाधते |

भाव समांशा संस्था भाव फलं पूर्णमेव कलयन्ति |

न्यूनाधिकांश वशतः फलवृद्धिहृसिता वाच्या || ( फल दीपिका – ८ /३४ – ३५)

That is, the Longitude of the Ascendant is the middle point of the house. 100% effect is given by a planet if it is in that longitude.

Effects related to that house will reduce in proportion to its distance from the middle point.

Houses are as per Sama Bhava Siddhanta or Equal House Theory. The first half and second half of a house will be equal – 15 – 15 degrees each. Planet at the middle of the house gives 100 % result whereas at either ends, it is nil.

The Longitudes of Moon and Venus are also considered as the middle point of the house and the value of the effects are seen as per Equal House Theory.

Let us understand this clearly with an example:

(a) Husband:

Date of birth – 13th January, 1928.

Time of birth – morning – 7.12 am

Place of birth – latitude – 29 deg, 9 min. North and longitude – 77 deg, 37 min East

[SA Copy Editors Note: The North and East in Latitude and Longitude is not given explicitly in the original text]

Chitra Ayanamsa – 22 deg, 51min 7 sec.

Nirayana Lagna – 8s – 27 deg, 9 min


Planets – clear positions:

Sun – 8s-28°43’36”;   Moon – 5s-8°21’21”;   Mercury – 9s-1°16’24”;   Saturn – 7s-21°55’29”

Mars – 8s-2°42’43”;   Jupiter – 11s-5°25’43”; Venus – 7s-17°52’18”;   Rahu – 1s-24°7’55”;

Ketu – 7s-24°7’55”

From the Birth Lagna: Sun and Mars are in first house, Saturn and Ketu in 12th house. Sun and Mars being in friendly house, would restrict the Kuja Dosha ill- effects to 50%. Saturn in enemy’s house would give 75 % ill-effects; Ketu is in exaltation position thereby giving no ill-effects.

Sun’s Bhava effect is 90%, Mars and Saturn both give 65 %. Sun’s Kuja Dosha effect is 45(50*90/100), that of Mars is 32.5(50*65/100) and that of Saturn is 49(75*65/100). Total ill-effect of all these three planets is 136.5.

From Moon Lagna: Mars is in 4th in friendly house, Ketu is exalted. Mars Bhava result is 60%, the Total Kuja Dosha is only 30.

From Venus: Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are in 1st house, Sun in 2nd, and Rahu in 7th house. Since Rahu and Ketu are in exaltation positions, there is no ill-effect. Saturn in enemy’s house would give 75% ill-effects, Sun and Mercury would give 50% ill-effect each.

Saturn’s Bhava effect being 73%, the Kuja Dosha effect is 55. Mars Bhava effect being 90%, Kuja Dosha effect is 0.5, Sun’s Bhava effect being 27%, Kuja Dosha effect is 13.5. The sum of the three Kuja Dosha effect is 69.

Total Kuja Dosha due to Lagna, Venus, Moon will be 225.5.

(b) Wife:

   Date of birth12th November 1934.

   Time of birth – 4:06 am (before sunrise)

Place of birth – Latitude 28 deg N 13 min

Longitude 77 deg E 50 min.

[SA Copy Editors Note: The North and East in Latitude and Longitude is not given explicitly in the original text. Charts prepared by Jhora may be slightly different]

Chitra ayanamsa – 22 deg 56 min 51 sec.

Nirayana Lagna – 5: 22deg 14 min


Planets – clear positions:

Sun – 6s-25°54’47”;   Moon – 8s-27°24’26”;   Mercury – 6s-10°14’34”;

Saturn – 9s-28°46’52”;   Mars   – 4s-21°20’34”;   Jupiter – 6s-13°57’38”;

Venus – 6s-24°09’56”;   Rahu – 9s-11°56’57”;   Ketu – 3s-11°56’57”.

From the birth Lagna – Sun in 2nd house, Mars in 12th house cause Kuja Dosha. Sun in enemy’s house yields 75% ill-effect, Mars in friendly house gives 50 % ill-effect. Sun’s Bhava effect gives 76% and Kuja Dosha effect is 57. Mars’s Bhava effect has 13% effect and Kuja Dosha effect will be 56.5. Together the contribution is 103.5.

From Moon’s Lagna: Rahu is in friendly sign in 1st house, Saturn in 2nd and Ketu in 7th. Rahu’s Bhava Effect gives 4%, Kuja Dosha is 2. Saturn gives 91% effect and Kuja Dosha is 23. Put together the Kuja Dosha will be 25.

From Venus Lagna – Sun is in 1st house and in enemy’s house, Saturn in his own 4th house and Rahu is in friendly house. Sun’s Bhava effect is 88% and Kuja Dosha is 66. Saturn’s Bhava effect is 70% and Kuja Dosha is 18. Rahu’s Bhava effect is 20% and Kuja Dosha is 10 (Saptarishi Note: The original text shows 101 but 10 seems to be correct and used here). Total contribution of these three planets towards Kuja Dosha is 94.

Total contribution of Lagna, Moon and Venus towards Kuja Dosha will be 222.5.

Husband’s total = 225.5

Wife’s total = 222.5.

Kuja Dosha in both of them is nearly equal.


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  1. Very good article, very good, indeed. Thank you very much for it.

  2. I dont agree that kuja dosha is zero when it is placed in own house or exalted in 7/8th house.Practically it is not true.Even in such state kuja dosha does exist..!!!

  3. How about this? If bride’chart has Mars in 3rd house from that of groom’s charts’ Venus, then manglik dosha will get nullified. Example if bride’s Mars is at 12 house n groom’s chart Venus is in 9 th house.

  4. In translation of phala deepika stanza 10/1, Venus is included in Malefic. I believe it should be Saturn. Also in example chart, how we got multiplication factor like 45 for sun, 32.5 for Mars.

  5. in translation of Phala Deepika: stanza – 10 /1 Venus is included in list of malefic, i believe it will be Saturn. Also how we got this multiplication factor of 45 and 32.5 for Sun and Mars respectively?

  6. How about this? If bride’chart has Mars in 3rd house from that of groom’s charts’ Venus, then manglik dosha will get nullified. Example if bride’s Mars is at 12 house n groom’s chart Venus is in 9 th house.


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