Quick Tip: Jyotish Sahastravali



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  1. Please, if it is possible, can you indicate the period/century/data of the published fragments under “Quick Tip”?
    Quick Tip is a genial idea not only for our astrological knowledge, but for our astrological/professional culture!
    Thank you for it!!!

  2. From my modest experience:
    1.Buddha and Hershel together could indicate nervosity, lack of patience and very very agitated mind. Medically: spastic colon.
    2.Jupiter-Pluto Yuti is very rare. The cycle of Jupiter-Pluto is once at 11-13 years, depending on the Signs of short or long ascension where it takes place. The last Jupiter-Pluto Yuti took place on the 11th of Dec 2007, 19h35 GMT. The next one will take place on the 5th of Apr 2015, 01h41 (+1h00GMT).
    3.Neptune in Lagna generates many time mediumnic tendencies but at the same time a very difficult possibility of knowing oneself correctly and the tendenciy to lie the others, consciously or not, it doesn’t matter the reason.
    4.Pluto in Lagna could indicate a major event of life which can takes place at a moment, only once time event, which tends to change totally the spiritual attitude of the native. I met many cases of people who experienced NDE (near death experiences) or clinical deaths.
    5.Pluto in Magha, especially as the Lagna Lord, is very dangerous for the spiritual developing of the native, if the general assembly of the chart sustains the dangerous developing of the ego; in such cases, Pluto could indicate very very severe disturbances of the minds. The significances of the D-12’s 12 parts could be very useful in reading correctly such charts.
    6.Neptune in Revati Nakshatra – yes, it could be very true, but only the next genrations of astrologer could check it or even us, if we put the outer planets on the charts of the well-known sages and saints. It is a connection between Buddha (lord of the Nakshatra) and Neptune (lord of the Pisces Sign) which function very well together if the general assembly of the chart sustains/shows a very good discirimation and control of the mind by the native.

    • Hi Rodica,
      1. Mercury and Hershel can also indicate Free Speech, radical thoughts, original ideas, sudden flashes of brilliance, rebellion at school, unique communication and also speaking truth. Good or bad results depends on the kind of the relationship and other obvious factors. In transit good relationship of these with natal Mercury & Hershel may sometimes give great insights into Astrology.
      2. I have Jup-Pluto Yuti.

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