Online Course Announcement: Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati( BCP)

If you want to learn how to time events without the use of Dasha and Transit. Juts look at the birth chart and start predicting events with timing. Dont mistake this to be a typical Nadi Astrology Technique. You just need the very basic of Parashari Knowledge to learn and use this. This technique has become the favorite of many people.


We will be discussing some intricate details about the BCP, you love. Starting with Basic of BCP, we will be discussing many advanced techniques of BCP like How to fine tune the prediction with special techniques, How to do Monthly prediction and many other.


Note: We will be discussing many unrevealed techniques, for the first time. Every lecture is a new BCP technique.

Facebook Page for the Event:

For Paying on Saptarishis Website :

You can also Pay Directly to our PayPal Account which is


Categories: Astrology

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  1. I really liked this site . All the information is authentic and valid . How planet affects your nature as well as your taste for food is described well . Thank you .
    Looking forward to join the course .


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