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I, Anita Khandpur belongs to a bussiness family. Had a dress desiginning bussiness for 20 yrs. Had an interest in occult sciences. My hobby turned into full time proffession and tailoring bussiness turned into hobby. I combine Tarot cards with horoscopes in my readings. also into Vastu consultancy. Have clients in India as well as abroad. I provide phone readings also.
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  • Треугольник Времени: помощник в вопросах Прашны

    This is ‘Predicting Through The Time Triangle’ translation in Russian. “Треугольник Времени”: помощник в вопросах Прашны. Предсказание событий по “Треугольнику Времени” — очень простой способ экспресс-ответов на вопрос, когда другие методы, например, Таро или натальная карта не доступны. Я использую этот метод в том виде, в котором я получила его от моего учителя мистера Сунила Парохита, уже много лет. Он дает прекрасные результаты в моей практике.

  • Precautions for Each Planet – Jupiter

    Precautions, that work, for Jupiter in various houses. Author is sharing hard earned experience.

  • Precautions For Each Planet – Mercury

    Quick and Effective Remedies for Venus placed in different houses.

  • Precautions for Each Planet – Venus

    Quick and Effective Remedies for Venus placed in different houses.

  • Quick Tip : Remedy for Married Life

    Jai Surya Dev If Venus is with Sun or Rahu, relationship outside marriage is possible. Increase the power of Venus to maintain love between husband-wife. Feed Cow with Jawar or Barley on Fridays. On Friday  rub  curd on your body… Read More ›

  • Predicting Through The Time Triangle

    How to answer questions when you don’t have a birth chart and/or software to erect the chart at the time of query ? A great simple technique .

  • Intercepted Signs In Horoscopes – A New Concept

    Interceptions are a very fine point in astrology. An intercepted horoscope has all the planets but not all the signs. Interceptions are a factor of geography. Because of the Earth’s irregular shape, as births occur further and further North or South of the equator the division of houses becomes more irregular. For births near the polar latitudes it’s possible to have not only two, but four to six Zodiac Signs intercepted. This reveals a tremendous focus on just one or two of the twelve houses of the Zodiac.