Nadi Method Of Marriage

Author shares two great technique’s for calculating the day of marriage approximately.

What Men & Women Want ?

Is Guna-Milap enough for match-making ? Do Men are from Mars and Women from Venus ? Read on. Some great points for Match – Making. You may know some of them already . Read those points again with an open mind. New Perspective.

Ascertaining Marriage Life – Divorce Rules

There are specific combinations in charts that are indicative of marriage problems and, when they accumulate together, a divorce is sure to happen.For ascertaining the marriage life of a native or even matching of horoscopes between 2 partners, we should consider the following rules.

Recommended Books

Many people have requested for the Recommended Astrology Books. Below is the list : The Very Basic – Best for Beginners ( In no particular order)- I recommend reading at least 3-4 of these. Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology: Vedic Astrologer’s… Read More ›