Parashari Astrology

Combinations For Successful Astrologers

Various combinations for being a successful astrologer and their application have been shared. Some great insights. Read it with open mind.


Explanation for Exaltation of Planets

We know Planets Exalts in a particular sign and deep exaltation happen on a particular degree. But why there ? Read on because basics are very important.

What Men & Women Want ?

Is Guna-Milap enough for match-making ? Do Men are from Mars and Women from Venus ? Read on. Some great points for Match – Making. You may know some of them already . Read those points again with an open mind. New Perspective.

Intercepted Signs In Horoscopes – A New Concept

Interceptions are a very fine point in astrology. An intercepted horoscope has all the planets but not all the signs. Interceptions are a factor of geography. Because of the Earth’s irregular shape, as births occur further and further North or South of the equator the division of houses becomes more irregular. For births near the polar latitudes it’s possible to have not only two, but four to six Zodiac Signs intercepted. This reveals a tremendous focus on just one or two of the twelve houses of the Zodiac.

Ascertaining Marriage Life – Divorce Rules

There are specific combinations in charts that are indicative of marriage problems and, when they accumulate together, a divorce is sure to happen.For ascertaining the marriage life of a native or even matching of horoscopes between 2 partners, we should consider the following rules.