16 Редких секретов дробных карт

16 Rare Secrets of Varga Charts
Статья “16 Редких секретов дробных кар” посвящена тонким моментам при анализе дробных карт.


The 6th House: Unfolding The Maze

Another wonderful explaination of 6th House. Is it a bitter pill we all have to take ? Do we need to know more about 6th House ? Maze unfolded or not ?

Kuja Dosha

Kuja Dosha is also known by the following names: Kuja Dosha, Mangli Dosha, Manglik Dosha, Bhaum Dosha, Mars Dosha is being explained here with classical reference.

6th House

From 6th house debt, enemies, diseases, weapons, wounds, war, bad (cruel) karma, sin, fears can be judged. Some classical treatment of the subject.