Parashari Astrology

Progeny Notes

One among the various important events which an astrologer is asked to predict in a nativity is begetting children. Whether a native will have children or not depends on the promise in the charts of two people, Husband and Wife, unlike other events which can be predicted with the help of individual chart.


Секреты Асцендентов

Секреты восходящих знаков: комбинации планет, которые несут успех или неудачу тому или иному асценденту. Соединение Сатурна и Юпитера для Овнов и Тельцов – успех или неудача? Результаты какого дома даст Солнце для восходящих Раков? Можно ли Весам хранить дома ненужные религиозные книги?

Lessons in Vedic Electional Astrology – Part 2

This the Part-2 of the Lessons in Vedic Electional Astrology published earlier. Muhurt, the most useful branch of Vedic astrology; having prescriptive, preventive and predictive ingredients; has withstood the test of time for millenniums. Consistency of its rules with guidelines regarding exceptions and antidotes in their applications, is hall-mark of this knowledge. No prescribed Muhurt (specific time length) can be universally beneficial for all the aspirants and for all the time. Abhijin / Abhijit Muhurt, one of the most powerful benefic Muhurt, has some inexplicable exceptions. Here the author has tried to cull out the logic of such exceptions.

Graha Chakra

Beautiful explanation of Graha Chakras in Jaimini Astrology System. Must to have a better understanding of Jaimini Astrology.