Western Astrology

Nokia’s New Era – Challenges and Chances

Author shares background information about Nokia in the new era and later shows astrological reasons to support it.


The Asteroid Aesculapia In The 90° Dial: A Personal Case

In this research, Aesculapia is examined both as a full factor and as a mid-point in specific reference to the axis of health Saturn / Neptune = Moon. It indicates clearly the weak state of health

New Horary System Revealed

The author after having been working on hundreds of horoscopes, found by accident that the good ones did have one thing in common by which you could tell for certain if the answer was right or not!

The Astrology of Astrologers

Aren’t you just a bit curious to discover what is found in the charts of successful astrologers? We all know what we’ve observed and we have ideas about what we’d expect to find but can we really show some evidence to support our theories and observations?